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Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:19 am
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To go for a Bassett china hutch for your dining room, living room or kitchen could be perfect. Bassett china hutches are stylish, well made and practical, so you really shouldn't be dissappointed with the build and the quality. If you have a lot of really nice china (either special occasion or every day) and you don't want to hide it away in a drawer or closed cupboard, then going for a china cabinet makes so much sense. With one of these pieces of furniture you can showcase your china and glassware and still protect them from dust and dirt. It's certainly practical to keep your everyday pieces handy right where you eat, and if you have the space then putting one of these hutches right in the dining room or in the kitchen makes a lot of sense. That way, everything is close by and handy when you want to set the table, and you can also enjoy the looks of your china close by and not hide it away where you won't see it and it's easy to forget about it.

When it comes to buying furniture you always have a choice to make: should you go for a low price and a mediocre build, or should you go for a high price and get a very solid and substantial construction. In the case of Bassett Furniture, you definitely do have to pay more, however on the other hand you also get very fine pieces which should hold up well for many many years to come.


 Bassett Custom Dining High China Hutch
"Our Custom Dining furniture is made for you and ready for delivery in 30 days. This hutch has 2 framed glass doors, 3 glass shelves, 1 fixed wood shelf, curio ends and Wood or Nickel finish hardware. In 13 finishes; Natural finish also has a wine rack."


Bassett Reef Bay Complete China

"British classic design with a nod to the West Indies. This relaxed casual style is finished in a medium tobacco finish. Features 3 wood doors, 3 adjustable shelves, 3 drawers, and 2 felt-lined drawers."

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