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Gillette Custom Plus 3 Review

Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:45 pm
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I was in need of some new razors today so I went to Fred Meyer's in Corvallis to purchase my usual package of Gillette Goodnews disposables. There was a special promotion/discount with a 13th razor included in the pack of 12 for $6.99 instead of $7.99. This was a good bargain. Typically a package of 6 Gillette Good News can cost as much as $6.75 depending where you purchase them. Six Gillette Goodnews razors are a bargain at $4.75!

Well when I returned home I opened the package and found that the 13th razor was a new promotional item, a Gillette Custom Plus 3 blade razor. Obviously the itent of the manufacturer was to give this razor as an inducement to have men buy the more expensive  Gillette Custom Plus 3 Blade razor and most likely phase out the less expensive but quite dependable Gillette Goodnews two blade razor.

The biggest problem that I had with this new style Custom Plus 3 blade razor is that the handle is not well suited to hold while shaving. I believe the word commonly used is "ergonomically" inadequate. The handle constantly slipped in my hand. This certainly increased the chance I might cut myself while shaving. This is something I almost never have a concern with when I use my trusty Gillette Goodnews razor.

Moreover the three blade razor was no sharper than the two blade. Logically, why would anyone want to spend more money on a razor that is not as useful (comfortable to use as the old standby)?

I will not be purchasing any of the Gillette Custom Plus 3 razors. It just makes no sense to buy a product that is not as good nor as practical as the current product I use. 

Back to my original point. The manufacturer clearly is looking to raise the price of the product and therefore is substituting an inferior product that they hope will sell.


The Best Way to Stay Young

Sat Jul 09, 2011 5:25 am
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Just take a moment and Google "The best way to stay young" or "How to stay young". I am certain there will be a plethora of how to's, ought to's etc. I can tell anyone looking for a way to stay young is to very simply help, assist and be a gopher for a family member with a project.

Recently my son & daughter-in-law, just a little more than a week ago, closed on their home. There were floors to sand, walls to paint, grass to cut and whatever else they needed done. 

Having worked steadily since July 1st I ought to be exhausted, well I am not even tired.  There is something very therapeutic in helping a family member, especially your own son and daughter-in-law!

So, if you are in your 60's or whatever age and complaining, get up off the rocker and help your family. It does wonders for your body and your mind.

Born in the 1940's?

Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:50 pm
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Forget all about the discussion about "boomers" born in the years from 1946-1964. The real issue is all about those of us born in the decade of the 1940's.

There is a world of difference culturally, politically, and sociologically about people born in the 1940's from those born in the late 50's and most especially the 1960's.

Born in the 1940's essentially means you are already collecting Social Security or are pretty darn close to collecting Social Security! It is almost a given that anyone born in the 50's and or 60's will see a major change in their retirement years. Most forty-somethings and many fifty-somethings have a very different perspective on the world than those of us a decade or nearly two decades older.

The majority of those born in the 1960's, our President included, never did the "duck & cover" routine in school in the 1950's. Dwight Eisenhower is the answer to a Jeopardy Question or the latest version of the Trivial Pursuit Game, not a President we remember clearly.

It is very likely that the answer to many of the social, political, and economic ill's that face our nation will be resolved by those born in the 1970's and later. The group from the 1950's and 1960's is currently holding or probably will hold positions of power in our Government. The two Boomer Presidents that were in power from 1993 until 2009 did not shine very brillantly. Their performance left much to be desired.

So, will the 1940's "seniors" redeem themselves by acting as mentors to those that are the thirty-somethings or will the 1940's folk merely be a dusty page in the history books? Time will answer this question.

I like to think and sometimes even believe that those of us born in the 1940's do have something to offer. Let's make darn sure we do not leave a legacy of selling ourselves short and wind up as extra baggage in society!

Exercise for Continued Good Health

Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:04 pm
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There is no doubt that exercise and good health go hand in hand. I saw my grandmother live till 90 years of age and an uncle lived past 95 years of age. The common link between them was they worked hard all of their lives. They certainly did not need to find time to go to the gym. One was a farmer and the other a plumber until he was 70 years old. They ate well, lived well and probably were lucky to have good genes.

The oldest Boomers have now past the age of 62 and there is another boomer turning 60 every few minutes. If this group, and I am one, is to continue to enjoy life they will need to make sure that exercise is a part of every day.

There is no bad time to begin to exercise. The smart thing would be to check with your physician before going all out. Even walking a mile or two a day is something. just get a good pair of walking shoes and start out in your neighboorhood.

So, if you are already excerising or you will start tomorrow, let me know your opinion and level of progress.

Baby Boomers Have Plenty of Advice on What They Need to Do To Retire

Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:27 am
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Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964,  the Government has divined this time period as the "Baby Boom Generation". Well my sense is anyone born between 1945 and 1954 will have great difficulty to retire any time soon. Moreover, those born after 1955 may well be subjected to new circumstances with Social Security.

I marvel at all the advice that is available from all media sources, internet, print and cable TV. The most interesting advice  communicated to those of us in our 60's arrives by way of a young man or woman barely 30 years old who profess to have and know all the right things for us "seniors" to do to be successful in retirement.

Well, first of all where are these novices obtaining all their "guidance" from, their parents!  Retirement will be very different for boomers than any of us had envisioned even just a decade ago. We are told we will live longer lives, supposedly 85 years old, and will need more money. What genius figured that out?

Many Boomers would like to continue to work. The big question is where will they work? Jobs are virtually non-existent. Anyway young people want dearly to get us out of the labor force. They need jobs too!

Change is a given and there is little one can do to avoid being caught up in the whirlwind of cultural shifts that are happening as sure as the sun rises and sets.

The one advantage Baby Boomers from the 1940's have is a wealth of experience and resilience in dealing with challenges. Formulate your own game plan for retirement. Be particularly wary of all the so called "sage" advice being handed out by "experts". Look to start your own business. Do not think of yourself as old. Sixty Five is the new Fifty-Five.

Retirement is not the end all but another step in the process of life. Make the next generation envious of what the "seniors" can accomplish. Network, research and execute, for the best opportunities are yet to be tapped and those that do not see this problem/challenge as an opportunity for success will lament their lack of courage to adjust, adapt and overcome for the rest of their days. 

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