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Convertible Bassinet

Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:31 pm
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If you're looking for a unique and innovative bassinet then the Baby-Planet convertible bassinet is a wonderful choice. Attractive and stylish with the dual use of bassinet and child's seat. Clean and simple design lines with many features the convertible bassinet is portable, convenient, practical and functional. The Baby-Planet convertible bassinet is contemporary, modern and perfect for a newborn.

Convertible Bassinet
Model: 102101

The Eden Convertible Bassinet combines bold styling with expanded features to go far beyond any other bassinet. Its dual use as both a bassinet and a child's seat guarantees it will be used years beyond other traditional units. The striking new styling with clean lines and wood accents ensures you will be on the cutting edge of nursery décor. Additionally, Eden comes packed with features ideally suited to you and your baby. The "Easy Release" hand grips have an internal trigger to release the bassinet from its latched position, on the base, allowing you to move it around the house. Re-attachment is easy by just dropping it to "Auto-Latch" in place. 

Convertible Bassinet

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