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Presented are select books focused on the analysis of the automobile industry. However, some authors I have found to be biased or lack a first hand understanding or appreciation for the industry they are writing about; but I have included them to have as much of a complete list as possible as that is part of the business.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find one book that can fully express the sheer enormity and complexity of this industry. This list in part or whole can offer a glimps into the challenges of this industry and the time and investment needed to make change happen.

My personal favorite on the list is "On A Clear Day You Can See GM", as I found that to be a telling account of what has become a 30-year travesty. Although, I do look forward to reading the account someday about GM finally getting it right.

  • Call Me Roger: The Story of How Roger Smith, Chairman of General Motors, Transformed the Industry Leader into a Fallen Giant, Albert Lee, 1988

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