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September 2009 US Auto Sales – The Cash for Clunkers Hangover
Global Automotive Industry Trade Associations
Chinese Car Invasion – Probably Not
A Pragmatic Analysis of the Chinese Auto Industry
Nissan and Chrysler Continue to Court
Ford's Pending Sale of Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata
GM's Vice Chairman Bob Lutz Defended Remarks Dismissing Global Warming as a "total crock of s--
GM Chairman Refutes Bob Lutz's Comments on Global Warming
Discussion: Out of Gas, The Automobile Without Cheap Oil
Hyundai To Increase Capital Spending in 2008
Is Chrysler Bankrupt: Yes and No According to CEO Nardelli
Now The Spin From Chrysler's CEO Nardelli
The Facts Behind the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
GMAC/Residential Capital - What this May Mean To GM
2007 GM – UAW Labor Agreement
Is Carlos Ghosn After Chrysler or Ford
Chrysler Rumors Begin - Nissan or VW
The Future of Daimler AG?
Signs – Cerberus May Have Trouble Raising Capital For Chrysler
Automotive - Government Regulatory and Independent Consumer Information Organizations
Automotive Data Center and Studies
Automotive Manufacturers - Investor Relations
Suggested Reading
Forget the Fuel Economy Rhetoric – Manufacturers will Comply
Fuel Economy Debate - Part II
EPA Denies CARB Waiver Petition to Regulate CO2
Fuel Economy Deal in US Congress
CAFE au Lait - Vehicle Fuel Economy Considerations in the U.S.
Fuel Economy Increase to 35 MPG Is Law
GM, Ford and Chrysler Near the Brink of Collapse?
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