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ABOVE: Fort Steuben Bridge, slated for demolition soon.

Steubenville is a city in eastern Ohio with a population of about 17,000. The city is home to health and educational institutions, and also provides a commercial center for the area.

Transportation to and from the city includes a network of expressways, freight railways, a navigable waterway and a local airport. The US 22 expressway connects the city with the Pittsburgh area and Pittsburgh International Airport and is registered on the National Highway System. US 250 by way of US 22 at Cadiz provides access to New Philadelphia, Canton, Akron and northwest Ohio also on the NHS.

State Route 7 connects East Liverpool, located north of Steubenville, and Youngstown and the Ohio Turnpike Via State Route 11. Wheeling and Interstate 70 and 470 are located south of Steubenville by way of State Route 7.

Norfolk Southern provides freight railroad service to East Liverpool, Youngstown, Cleveland and Pittsburgh PA. Ohio Central Railroad connects the area with freight service to Coshocton, Newark and Columbus. The Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway connects Steubenville with Mingo Junction, Canton, Toledo, Martins Ferry and Benwood WV. CSX Transportation connects at Benwood to the East Coast and the South. The nearest intercity passenger service is Amtrak, with stations at Alliance, Ohio and Pittsburgh PA.
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Art Exhibits and Festivals

Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:21 pm
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For local art exhibits and festivals around Steubenville, contact the Steubenville Convention and Visitors Bureau.



The offices are located at 120 South Third Street in Steubenville and share space with the Historic Fort Steuben Park.  


Office Phone    740-283-4935

Fax                 740-283-5053



 Donna Hrezo is the Assistant Director of the Steubenville CVB.  She can be contacted by email at:



Downtown Steubenville - Ten Photos

Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:04 pm
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Here are ten photos of downtown Steubenville.  The first photo shows the entrance to Fort Steuben Park, located off of south Third Street.  The park fountain is in the background.  The second and third photos show storefronts located along north Fourth Street which are designated a historic area. The fourth photo shows the Fort Steuben Park fountain and the Steubenville Police Building in the background.  The historic Saint Clair Bank Building is in the next photo, which currently houses the Riverside Medical and other offices and a bank.The sixth photo is of the old City Building.  Historic North Fourth Street and it's sign can be seen in the next photo with State Route 7 and the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge crossing the river in the background.  Trinity Othrodox Church is in the next photo.  The last two are of the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Steubenville Area Maps 1:10,000

Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:45 pm
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Original maps are in 10,000 scale.  The images here are 8.5 x 11 page size reduced to 14,000 scale when at full page size.  Uploads I made to this site limit the size and resolution of the maps.


 map number Grids are 2,500-meter UTM zone 17, NAD83.



 2   3   4   5  

 6   7   8   9 

10 11 12  13




1   =

2   = Overlook

3   = Seven Creeks Area

4   = Alikanna

5   = Half Moon (Weirton)

6   = Wintersville (East End)

7   = West End (Steubenville)

8   = Labelleview/Hollywood

9   = Downtown North

10 = Dry Fork               

11 = Sunshine Park

12 =Lincoln Heights (Wilson Ave.)

13 = Downtown South

14 = Goulds

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:00 am
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The Ohio Department of Natural Resources website has information on camping, hiking, recreation and hunting in state public lands.  The site also talks about mining and hydrology.

The Historic Fort Steuben

Fri Oct 03, 2008 3:59 am
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While visiting Eastern Ohio, the Historic Fort Steuben located in downtown Steubenville has a musem, both outdoor and indoor, recreating Fort Steuben that stood in the late 1700's on the site.  The land office building was rebuilt from the original logs of the building which served as the first federal land office west of the Appalacians.  The park overlooks State Route 7, the Market Street Bridge and the Ohio River.  A gift shop, confrence room with WiFi, amplitheater and fountain are located on site.

 Website is at http:/

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