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X Games Bike Freestyle & BMX by Dumar from Walmart

Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:26 am
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If you're looking for a X games bike such as a Freestyle bike or a BMX bike by Dumar, then Walmart would definitely be worth checking out. Walmart carries a wide selection of different types of bicycles for girls, boys and adults. These Dumar bicycles are sturdy, well made and durable, and would be perfect for rough terrain and tricks. Walmart does overall carry lots of different sports equipment such as a range of bicycles by different brands. The selection at Walmart is wide, plus their prices are low and affordable.

16" Boys' X-Games BMX MotoBike

"Perfect for fledgling X-athletes, this authentic 16" X Games BMX Moto Bike features true X Games graphics, front and rear suspension, motocross-style fenders, a motocross saddle and knobby tires. They may not be doing aerials anytime soon, but with the included training wheels, they'll at least get a good feel for the to help first-timers get a feel for the track."

20" Boys' Team USA BMX Olympic Bike

"Authentic Olympic Team USA graphics. Steel BMX race frame. Front and rear caliper brakes. Pro BMX tires. Team USA BMX race saddle"

X-Games 20" Boys' BMX Motobike

"The X-Games BMX Motobike looks like a real motocross bike, but runs on the fierce power of your own two legs. Equipped with a motocross-style seat and fenders, this mean-looking, mud-churning speed machine is as close as you can get to motocross without a Class-M license and a tank of gasoline."

18" Boys' Hyper Speed BMX Bike

"With hi-impact mag wheels, authentic Hyper graphics and a cool superbike-style saddle and fenders, this is the hottest BMX to hit the streets. It's fully loaded with everything you need to hit awesome tricks and get around in style."

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