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Mongoose Electric Bike from Walmart - Moto X, Dirt Bike, Boys

Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:27 pm
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If you're looking for a Mongoose electric bike, then Walmart would definitely be worth checking out. Walmart carries a couple of nice Mongoose Moto X electric bikes, Mongoose electric dirt bikes bikes and Mongoose boys electric bikes among other styles. These electric bicycles are sturdy, well made and comfortable, and would be perfect for city, or off road riding as they feature 200W of power and patented Currie electro drive among other details. Walmart does overall carry lots of different sports equipment such as a range of bicycles by different brands. The selection at Walmart is wide, plus their prices are low and affordable.

Mongoose CX200 Moto-X Electric Bike

"Now kids can easily keep up on family rides, or set out on one of their own. This electric bike provides real transportation at speeds of up to 10 mph and a range of up to 12 miles per charge. The stylish, professional performance MotoX design with dual crown MX style forks will be the pride of any aspiring biker."

Mongoose 2008 CX200 Hybrid Electric Dirt Bike, Boys'

"Stylish, professional performance Moto-X design with dual crown MX-style forks. Now kids can easily keep up on family rides, or set out on one of their own. Top speed: 10 mph/16 km/h. Range: 10-12 miles/16-19 km. Motor: 200W of power. Patented Currie electro drive. Battery: EV-rated SLA type. Plug and play design. 24V/7 AH. Rechargeable"

These bikes can be found at

Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:27 pm
Name: epic Comment: i still have this, im now 12 and i got it on my 8th bday it still works and is awesome

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