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A Review of Kontera Text Link Advertisement Network

Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:01 pm
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Over the past few months we have been experimenting with Kontera link advertisements on a few different style web sites. The results have been disappointing, and the reason may not be anyone's fault.

Kontera is a link advertisement network, similar to Google's Adsense only in the sense that advertisers can purchase ads that display on a publisher's web site. After some time, say a few weeks, Kontera states that the advertisements should be related to the page content.

This advertising system is unlike Google's Adsense in the way the advertisements display. There are no ad blocks. Kontera's code analyses a url and randomly inserts an ad link in your text. This is denoted with a double underline in your text. Many people find these ads annoying because they have a pop up ad if you place your mouse over the double underlined link.

Aside from any visitor annoyance, the publisher is mainly concerned with the results - Does the system result in clicks and money. Our results have been disappointing, the click thru rate was very low (less than 1%), the cpm was a joke, and the actual earnings were even more of a joke. But really we should have realized this ahead of time. Who would click on such ads? Regular readers? Search visitors?

The answer is that if your choice is between affiliate systems, Adsense or Kontera style systems, then it depends on your content and how your visitors get to you. Regular readers with content in longer style articles, and no other ad systems on the page may benefit from Kontera. So if your site focus is information then perhaps it might be a good idea to try link ads. But if you are planning to place Adsense style ads with a link advertising system on the same page, then you have to ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to just place as many ads on the page as possible? That is not a great idea. It does not help either system to have them compete.

We actually did do tests with Adsense and Kontera ad on the same page and it did not take away anything from Adsense. But if you think about it, if your Adsense block does well, lets say a 2-4% click thru rate, and Kontera is also on the page, and your page gets 100 visitors, then you are getting 2 – 4 ad clicks on Adsense. Now you have 96 – 98 visitors left to either leave, read your page then leave, click another of your pages or click one of the Kontera ads. But you have to wonder, did the visitors looking for further information already click the Adsense ads? This does not leave anyone left to actually click the Kontera ads.

Overall Kontera has been disappointing, but this does not mean someone else, with different content and presentation could not make it work. But we have found that the Kontera ads do not pay much, so you really need to get a lot of clicks to make a dime out of it. Also, it does not pay to have Adsense and Kontera together, why have your ads competing with one another, especially when Adsense might (does) pay better?

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