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Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:41 pm
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This is the first in a series of articles attempting to look at how programs are built and how one would begin to think about building their own search engine.
If you have the opportunity to build a program, you will notice that there are few resources to help you think about the overall structure. There are plenty of web resources for specific issues, but not too many when you want to think about the overall idea of how things should fit.

For web program ideas there are many open-source programs you can open up and look at – oscommerce, pligg, wordpress...etc but in some cases you are starting from scratch and these open-source programs are rather all over the place. A lot of companies use these open-source programs and end up hiring professionals to do any modifications, even just color changes. Anyway, open-source always has the downside of being a little too understandable to just about anyone with a little knowledge, and that may not be a good thing for some applications. So you could modify any of these open-source programs for your own purpose, but that may just drive you in the wrong direction.

Some projects require SEO, and some programs do not. SEO may also steer you away from some open-source applications, since you might want to be innovative. Some programs are needed because they are for a job which may have strict requirements. But there are some projects that you just do for yourself.

Perhaps, if you are like me you want to make something that you need for yourself, or maybe you are just interested in creating something new and interesting. If you are the type that likes to get into new projects, which may or may not result in a business, then you are generally starting from scratch.

There are many programs that need creating, or improving, whether they are just something small or if they are something large. Many people have been thinking about, or are currently in the midst of creating their own search engine, simply because they do not like the way the current crop of companies deal with information. But when you think about creating your own program you may come with all sorts of opinions, but soon you will face a reality.

When you are thinking about the overall structure of a project you should realize that the thinking part will consume a great deal of time. Why are you doing it? What exactly do you want to accomplish? So the philosophy is a major part, and that can take months, then a little programming, then some more thinking.

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