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Website Copy and Bad Reviews

Thu Sep 13, 2007 1:42 pm
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One of the biggest disappointments on the web relates to blogs and tech sites giving glowing reviews to some new program or social network, when in reality you can tell they never made an account.

I read over a review of from First off it was short, you can tell they basically copied the company statement without a thought. Secondly, does anyone think that a real review of a new program would be a few short sentences and a few bullet points about their service?

The quality of reviewing has reached so low, it seems, to simply appear to have content. Everybody wants content. So the content created is so limited as to simply appear to be real content. I can't imagine this will last forever, but you see it in many places.

Too many people are reading SEO articles about writing "web copy" that no one is really writing anything.

But, to my amazement, someone in the comments of that horrible article actually put a link to an actual real review. Now this review mirrors my exact experience with It is too complicated, too many annoying screens, and does not appear to be for a real person.

I don't dislike their ideas, but it seems to be too many stepping stones to even get the account made.

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