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Create Your Own Personalized Search Engine

Tue Mar 11, 2008 12:08 pm
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With a website, like the one you are reading now, you can create documents, organize and share information, and recently the ability to create your own personalized search.

A Personalized Search is basically an area that you create to filter your web search results. If you want your search results only from selected web sites on a google search, you would need to work around their normal web search by adding some special characters.

Single Site: party planning

Multiple Sites: OR party planning

Or if you wanted to search all .gov domains:

site:*.gov income

Here is my personalized search.

Now google does have a lot of interesting options, but only with understanding how to use them. has created an easy option. Now anyone has the opportunity to create a custom, personalized search that anyone can use.

Search is very useful if you know how to search, and one of the biggest problems is that you can't always trust the source of the information you want. So personalized searches, and especially a place where you can keep a permanent option, are a great way to show to the world what works for you.

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