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Using PHP to Check the Formatting of Email Addresses
The below example makes use of PHP and Regular Expression
Using an Array for Web Page Titles
This post is designed to encourage the use of sep
Creating an Array
To create an array using PHP you first set a variable to
Finding the Position of an Element in an Array
Finding the position of an element in an array such as:
Creating and Using Functions
Functions in PHP are very flexible.There are many built-i
Custom Functions and Array Elements with FOR Loops for Counting
Integrating PHP custom made functions for use with "FOR
Multiple Variables in a Custom Function
Creating PHP functions to accept two or more variables.
Creating Recursion Functions for Counting
There are many reasons to use recursion functions. Here w
Increasing Web Server Speed with a Database
One of the biggest problems with database driven websites
Matching Characters in a Text String with PHP
If you have a block of text and want to match certain cha
Regular Expressions

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