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Flexi Mat Cat Napper, Purr Pad & Kitty Kup from Amazon

Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:54 am
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If you're looking for a Flexi Mat Cat Napper, Purr Pad or the Kitty Kup then Amazon has them. With features of perching shelf, rectangular, fleece cover and machine washable and molds to your cats shape. The cat napper is a hammock and perch in one or the kitty kup that folds into a tunnel. The ultrasoft polyester purr padd keeps your cat warm and cozy and acts as an insulator. The cat napper, purr padd and kitty kup are so perfect to keep your cat or kitty safe, secure and comfortable.

Cream Cat Napper
Features: A hammock and a perch in one. Dimensions: 15.5" x 24.5" x 2.0". Can be adjusted to fit most any sill. Can be moved from window to window. Easy to assemble, no hardware required. Molds instantly to your cat's shape for maximum comfort. Structural plastic frame is designed to hold up to 35 pounds.

Cream Cat Napper

Flexi-Mat Mysterious Purr Padd

The secret's in the fluff. The ultrasoft polyester fibers work as an insulator, to absorb and hold heat, keeping your kitty warm and cuddly year round. Contains two cushions--place in your cat's favorite rooms. 100% non-allergenic. Made in the USA. 100% recyclable materials. 100% non-allergenic. 100% non-toxic.

Flexi-Mat Mysterious Purr Padd®

Mysterious Kitty Kup - 17 in. Diameter - Charcoal Gray
Two beds in one. Unfolds into a play tunnel. Polyester with electrostatic charge to trap hair, dirt and dust. Fibers work as an insulator to absorb and hold heat. 17 in. diameter.

Mysterious Kitty Kup

the fleximat cat napper, purr pad & kitty kup is found at

Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:54 am
Name: 2katz | Comment: both my cats love sleeping in the Kitty Kup. However, one of them also enjoys shredding it. It is loosely felted, so there are holes less with less than 2 weeks of use.

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