Time For A Lovely Fall Picnic

Tue Sep 04, 2007 7:12 pm
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The fall is approaching and I wish to go on a lovely seaside / lakeside / waterside ... picnic. Just add the word "fall" next to "picnic" and I visualize a nice comfy blanket, hot chocolate and fall leaves on the ground. So to go with my picnic, I need a few things...

Picnic Set:

LL Bean Picnic Set

Nice tote bag, matching thermos and a real picnic blanket (Important! Blanket is made of soft polyester fleece and backed with a strong water-resistant polyester shell, perfect for a damp scenic spot)

Price: $89

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

For a slightly more formal picnic, maybe this beauty from Williams-Sonoma would come in handy.

Of course, as all their items, it seems very nice, but a little pricey: $200 for a 2-person basket.


To Wear: Adirondack Barn Coat

Adirondack Barn Coat

This classic jacket is perfect for a nice fall day.

This one comes from LL Bean and costs $49.50 flannel lined.

To eat: baguette with brie, salami and basil

Brie and salami baguette

This is the perfect picnic sandwhich. As long as you don't mind a slight scent of garlic on your breath, you can't beat this one.

It's also perfect since it really improves if you make it a few hours in advance (however then leave out the tomato) to let the flavors blend and develop...


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