The idea of the Advent Calendar (German paper calendars & gift calendars)

Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:38 am
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One thing that I have always loved come December is to collect, carefully study and open Advent Calendars. These could be German paper advent calendars with wonderful pictures, chocolate calendars with often stale chocolate, or a calendar with actual presents. I especially like the paper calendars with detailed Santa or Christmas motifs that have a dust of gold on them and that feature a lovely holiday feel that today would make you feel like a child again.

In Sweden, paper advent calendars are easy to come by; many stores carry them and they can be found with many different images and in different sizes. Here in the US however, they are not as easy to find, unless you look online. Which of course I did: here are a couple of traditional advent calendars which are detailed and feature wonderful holiday scenes:


When I was young, my mom went through the trouble each year of making real Advent Calendars for me and my sister with presents for each day of December until Christmas. Each year our personal burlap calendars came forward which had holiday motifs and our names on (embroidered by my grandmother's hand), and my mother filled them to the brim with wonderful wrapped presents. This type of calendar of course, beats all other types, since the excitement each morning is unmistakable when you have a small gift to open up.

You can make so many different types of advent calendars to brighten someone's day up; I remember one year my mother made one for her mother out of matchboxes which she glued together and wrapped in paper. Then she wrote numbers on each box, placed a carefully written note with a wise saying in each of the 24 boxes along with a piece of wrapped, dark chocolate. This became a real treat for my grandmother during that month of December, and I just love the idea of giving somebody small gifts each day up until Christmas. The advent calendar, no matter what type, I think is a lovely idea for children as well as adults...

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