The Sopranos at the 2007 Emmy Awards

Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:59 pm
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I am half-way glancing at the Emmy’s and the cast of the sopranos caught my attention. To theSopranos slow-downed tune of the theme song “I woke up this morning…” they all walk up to the podium (I guess as a last goodbye) and gather in a circle. It strikes me how many of them there are, so many people participated in that show. And as I’m awaiting what will happen next (probably a boring speech, but whatever…) the screen goes blank and we’re off on commercial. Isn’t that typical…

It just happens so that I’m one of those people who don’t have HBO, and therefore haven’t watched the last season of the Sopranos. I believe I have watched almost every episode up to that point though, and I’m eagerly awaiting for when they’ll release the last season on DVD. Even though I have heard what basically happens in the show – (my actual visual experience have so far been limited to Hillary’s parody commercial) I have so far managed to stay somewhat oblivious. So when they show scenes from the show on the Emmy’s, I peek up a little and try not to distinguish what body’s floating in Tony’s pool…

Anyway, each time I get a chance to catch an episode of the Sopranos, it strikes me what a well made show it is. The acting is very good and there are so many excellent characters. Unfortunately I have seen most of the episodes somewhat out of order, but I would gladly line up and watch every single episode from beginning to end.

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