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Painting a Room Green - Different Shades of Green

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Green falls between yellow and blue on the color wheel so it bridges well with colors on both sides, no mattergreen whether they are warm or cool. Green is a good color if you would like something restful and calming. It can either be mellow and relaxing, however with the aid of more acidic notes, green can appear quite bright and strong.

There are of course, many different types of green shades to consider:

Gray Green
Gray greens have a strong hint of blue and it's quite a relaxing and soothing color.

Warm Deep Green
If you would like a warmer, darker green, then this type of shade which ranges from moss green to eucalyptus green might be something for you. This type of green can go quite dark, so in a dark room the green can appear almost black.

Apple & Lime Green
This type of green is anything but mellow. Leaning more towards yellow than blue, apple and lime green shades are quite bright and feel modern. This color would certainly bring life into a room, and you don't have to paint a whole room this way since it's so bright – an accent wall or some decorative touches can be quite enough.

Yellow Green
When it comes to greens with a lot of yellow in them, you can either find very acidic and bright shades as well as more mellow avocado shades.

Olive Green

Olive green shades have a lot of brown in them which in turn make them appear quite warm.

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