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Lighting a Kitchen - What Type of Lights To Choose

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A kitchen usually is the heart of the home: here is where you prepare meals, have dinners together, do lighthomework as well as other projects together as a family. Therefore, lighting should definitely be practical in this part of the house. When selecting where to put up lights, you should think about how you use the room. Most likely you'll want plenty of lighting over the area where you cook and perhaps a softer light where you eat.

For a uniform look, it can look nice in a kitchen to have multiple units of the same light or lamp. It's practical and it can look really orderly and nice. Also be sure to add plenty of lights in corners and tucked away areas which easily get dark. A table lamp in a corner for instance or a spot lights across the ceiling can really brighten up the space.

The next thing to think about is design. A good idea is to keep lights in the kitchen which are easy to clean and dust. Metal lights are perfect, ideally forgo fabric lampshades since they can be hard to clean.

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