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How To Store Glassware Properly - Turning Glasses Upside Down

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When planning your kitchen, dining room and storage needs, it's a good idea to give the storing of glasses and glassware some extra thought. Often, we use these glasses often and it can definitely be a good idea toglassware ensure they stay in good condition.

Best of all, store glasses upside down. Dust accumulates easily and unless you want to clean or wipe your glasses each time you use them, it's best to store them upside down. If you have glasses with a stem, you really need a unit where you can safely attach the stems without damaging the glasses. These units can often be found in cupboards and cabinets, however you can also buy loose units to install.

When it comes to glasses without a stem, simply line a shelf with protective, clean paper and turn the glasses upside down.

The best way to store glasses is behind doors to protect them from dust. Often, however cabinets are solid so you can't see your glasses. This in turn makes it more difficult to remember what you have if they are not in front of your eyes. The best option is to have windowed doors which allow you to see your glasses. If possible, make sure to install a dresser / cupboard, or equip some of the wall cabinets with glass doors.

If you want to keep your glasses out on open shelves, it's even more important to turn them. It can be a good idea to keep glasses your frequently use out on an open shelf where they are easily accessible. Ideally though, don't store all your glasses this way, as they will get dusty and dirty, and you'll have to clean them when you want to use them.

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