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Hanging Shelf with Candles for the Living Room or Dining Room

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To hang a shelf from the ceiling covered with candles, fresh flowers or other favorite motifs is a nice idea if you're looking for a way to make your living room or dining room more exciting. By hanging a simple shelf with ropes you can really create such a focal point which would naturally draw attention.

shelfOn this picture they have hung a simple shelf from the ceiling and on it they have coordinated a variety of candles. Imagine lighting all of those while drinking coffee in the living room, or having dinner. As opposed to a chandelier which can feel quite forced and old fashioned in some settings, this type of hanging shelf feels fresh and unique, and of course you can alter the look of it, depending on the shelf itself (what type of wood to use, or what paint or stain to use on that wood), the hanging mechanism (rope, chains etc...) the height of it (you could hang one pretty high up if it features something you don't really need access to too often like candles), and then of course what you keep on it.

This is certainly a fresh and different way of decorating a room and it can bring it to life in a whole new way. So have fun, hang one of these up and mix it up a bit with candles, decorative objects and other things you might find appropriate for that space. Of course you could also vary it depending on the time of year, or simply put some string lights around the shelf for a save, but effective soft light draw point.

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