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Painting a Room Brown - Different Shades of Brown

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Just like any other color, brown offers a whole world of different brownshades ranging from warmer to colder. Some of these brown shades are very rich and reminds you of chocolate and cinnamon whereas others lean more towards sand. Others go the other way towards caramel, and then of course you have bronze and copper. If you're planning on using brown on a whole wall, or in a large area, then it would be a good idea to choose a room that is very light. If you paint a dark room brown, then the shades will make it very dark, almost leaning towards black.

Let's take a look at the different shades of brown to consider:

Golden Brown
This shade of brown has quite strong yellow undertones and draws your thoughts towards gold, copper, peanut butter and camel.

Leathery Brown
Leathery shades of brown have a copper undertone and can range from nut brown to latte. These shades are pretty warm.

Beige Brown
If you're looking for more of a creamy, natural shade, then beige browns are the way to go. Beige browns are very versatile since they go with so many other colors. This shade is distinctly warm and creamy  and appropriate for many different settings.

Orange or Reddish Brown
This shade has strong influences of red, so if you're looking for a warm shade, or maybe you're drawn towards red, however you want something a bit more subtle, then this is would be a good shade for you. This type of brown can be found anywhere in between brick, clay and yam colors.

Purple Brown
In case you're looking for a dark, yet warm brown, then a purple brown with shades of burgundy and cinnamon would be a good choice.

Gray or Taupe Brown
This type of brown which contains a lot of gray is quite cool and would be a good choice if you want to match it with other colors.

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