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Tile Flooring from Lowes - Stone, Slate, Ceramic & Mosaic Tiles

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A new tile floor can certainly change the look of your bathroom or kitchen. If you're thinking about installing a tile floor, then Lowes may be worth a visit. Lowes has a somewhat small selection of different tiles, however if you're looking for Venetian stone, sheet mosaic or basic floor tiles, then you might be able to find something of interest. Of course this is relative, and they may have gotten more in as of late. Lowes, just like Home Depot is relatively affordable, so you might be able to find low-priced tiles which will make your remodel reasonably priced.

To change a room using tile is an easy and effective way to do it. Not only is tile pretty cheap (unless you get the really fancy versions of course which can cost you an arm and a leg), it's also pretty easy to lay, you can use it for the walls, the floor as well as counters, and it's hygenic. Few materials are as easy to clean and keep nice looking, and the only thing you'll have to maintain is to maybe switch the grout after a few years if it's in a very damp area, of course at that point it may be time for a new design anyway.

When deciding what type of tile you want, you might want to consider the looks, the texture, the size of the tiles and of course the price. Mosaic tile flooring can be very easy to install and can make a big impression - it can really create quite the wow factor and there are so many pretty colors and styles to choose between. Slate tiles as well stone tiles are perfect if want a natural feel that looks real and provides a warm, spa like feel. This type of look is very versatile and is also very good from a home value perspective as most people tend to like that look and may feel like they would't have to remodel the bathroom, if they were to purchase the home. Ceramic tiles on the other hand are very affordable and available in many different designs and styles. The possibilities are endless! Ceramic really offers the most in terms of design and affordability, any color you can think of, and there is a tile in that shade.

tile flooring
Banan Appeal 2" x 2" x 12" Chiaro Mosaic

"Sheet can be cut into strips or individual pieces for any number of patterns. Can be used on backsplashes, countertops, shower surrounds, or floors. Easy to install with mesh mounting for each square foot."

ceramic tiles
Venetian Stone 3" x 12" Porcelain Rialto Venice Listello

"Tumbled marble appearance with metallic insert. Can be used to enhance the beauty of any floor or wall combination. Can be used indoor or outdoor and commercially."

multi colored tiles
Ply-Gem 2 x 2 x 12 Multi Color Tumble Slate

"Easy to clean and maintain. Upgrade your home, Natural Stone, Slate"

floor tile
Florim 18" x 18" Ravello Beige Floor Tile

"Elegantly stunning porcelain tile that replicates the look of a travertine look":

Lowes certainly have many different options, just like most home improvement stores and their employees tend to be very friendly and approachable.

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