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Sturdy Kitchen Islands with Butcher Blocks, Granite and Stainless Steel Countertops

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If you're looking for kitchen islands, then there are several stores and brands that design gorgeous, sturdy furniture pieces for the kitchen. A kitchen island can really make a big difference in a kitchen - it adds workspace and often these islands are beautiful pieces of furniture. There are islands of many sizes and depending on the size of your room and extra space, you might want to consider a larger bench-like kitchen island, or a smaller cart-like island.

Butcher block kitchen islands are great if you want to elegance and style of rich wood, as well as the usefulness of a quality cutting board. Do remember however to not cut meat or fish on a butcher block kitchen island since it can be a bit tricky to clean right. Instead, keep your kitchen cutting activities on this  surface to 'safe' things such as bread, vegetables etc... which can't contaminate other products. A wood surface can really add such a beautiful and 'honest' look in a kitchen. With a natural material such as wood, and with the wonderful pattern that a butcher block design provides, you're sure to get a nice focal point to center your overall kitchen design around.

Granite is another surface that is popular to use one kitchen islands due to its hardiness and sophisticated appearance. This material is often more expensive, however the great looks it provides is usually worth the extra investment. You do want to pay careful attention to what type of color you get, as some lighter granite options can stain of rather easily so if you have any spills on it, then you want to take care of that riht away.

Stainless steel countertops are perfect if you want an affordable alternative, however you don't want to sacrifice looks or durability. This is the material that restaurant kitchens prefer to use, because it's pretty cheap, hygenic and it looks nice.

Here are couple of handsome pieces from

kitchen island
Harvest Kitchen Island

What a wonderful kitchen island! The 4-inch thick end grain butcher block will stand up to a lot of use as it's constructed from solid maple wood for durability. Three wicker storage baskets included.

kitchen island
Luxor Kitchen Cart

"The Luxor Kitchen Cart is made of sturdy, solid rubberwood with a beautiful, black finish. This kitchen cart features a spacious countertop for food preparation and a generously sized storage cabinet. In addition, this cart offers a large utility drawer, spice rack and towel bar."

kitchen island
Double Door Butcher Block Cart

The top of this kitchen cart is constructed of a solid end grain hardwood in Natural finish, for use as a chopping block. The base of this cart is constructed of hardwood with a Natural wood finish. Its top is made of a 3 inch thick butcher block that is perfect for chopping up vegetables and meat.

The Vinton Kitchen Cart

The Vinton Kitchen Cart is constructed of a sturdy, solid wood top and base in a natural finish. This kitchen cart features three separate cabinet storage areas with raised panel doors and one adjustable shelf each. In addition, this cart offers two utility drawers, a towel bar and knife rack for easy access during food preparation.

These islands and more can be found at

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