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Rice Paper Lanterns & Hanging Lamps from Pier 1

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Gorgeous rice paper lanterns and other hanging lamps abounds at Pier 1, so if you're in need of one (or maybe a couple!), then they would certainly be worth a look. Pier 1 carries a couple of nice rice paper lanterns in different designs as well as a very stylish hanging wicker lamp. These lamps and lanterns are very sleek and elegant and would fit great in a bedroom or living room. Instead of getting more, rather hard and stiff lamps it can add subtle charm and character to invest in several paper lanterns for instance, plus they can give off such a smooth light, especially if you pick one that isn't white. These lamps are also affordable in price, and they would add a modern and contemporary touch. These types of lights are perfect for many spaces, and also don't be afraid to use them in larger numbers. In some settings it can look great with just one, however in other rooms it can sometimes add a lot to add several in order to create a larger impression.

Your mind definitely goes to the Orient when you look at the photos, however if your home isn't that contemporary, then it might be a fun and different accessory to break off with and provide some fun shape and color. So if you're looking for stylish furniture pieces or accessories for you home, then Pier 1 is certainly a store to consider. Of course you can also find other nice accessories such as pillows, throws, chairs, candle stakes etc: this is definitely a place to go if you're trying to find nice accents to brighten up your space and you also don't want to spend too much money.

Hanging Paper Lanterns

"When is global warming cool? When you light up with one of these colorful paper lanterns. It's sure to cast a fun glow on all. Uses up to a 60-watt bulb max. Light kit not included."

Hanging Maki Wicker Lamp

"Our Maki Hanging Wicker Lantern's one-of-a-kind, retro-inspired look is the result of an clever combination of eco-friendly materials. The outer cage is crafted from natural wicker ribs and finished with a luminous brown stain. Inside, a neutral-tone jute core softly diffuses the light."

Paper Lantern Cord Kit

"Our Paper Lantern Cord Kit was especially designed for use with our Paper Lanterns. This 15-foot long cord features an inline on/off switch and hardware for hanging. Use the appropriately sized bulb based on the size of your paper lantern (see packaging for details)."

Hanging Paper Lanterns

"Set the mood with dramatic Paper Lanterns! Crafted of bright white rice paper over a wire frame, these lanterns add Asian-inspired flair to your next gathering. Use with our Paper Lantern Cord Kit (sold separately). Available in 14" and 20" sizes, each sold separately."

These lanterns can be found at

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