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Kitchen Countertops from IKEA

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If you're about to remodel your kitchen, and you need new kitchen countertops, you should take a look at IKEA for discount countertops. IKEA carries a nice collection of various kitchen countertops in different woods such as birch, oak and beech as well as stone materials. All of these kitchen countertops are very stylish, fashionable and sleek as well as low in cost.

You can find unfinished solid wood countertops (which would be great if you have a special color or stain in mind), stone looking laminate countertops as well as rich stained wood countertops among other products. A nice countertop can really change the look of a kitchen, and these products from IKEA would be perfect if you're looking for style as well as affordability.

Wood for instance is great if you want a rather warm and timeless look and feel. Especially combined with a light color scheme (white or cream drawers and cabinets for instance), wood doesn't have to get too dark and make the space feel heavy, instead it can add a really nice warmth. And over at IKEA you can find a couple of different types of wood for countertops, so no matter whether you would prefer birch, oak or beech, you should be able to find something suitable. These countertops are not exactly butcherblock (the cost would be many times what is represented here), however you certainly have the same general appearance. Although, if you're not looking for something in wood, IKEA would also be a worthwhile place to look for laminate, stone and engineered counters since they feature a very large collection and the prices are better than most other stores.

NUMERÄR Birch Countertop

Solid wood; can be cut to length, sanded and surface treated as required.

NUMERÄR Oak Countertop

Above a dishwasher, FIXA diffusion barrier shall be mounted to the underside of the countertop for added protection against moisture.

PRONOMEN Beech Countertop

Light stains can be removed with a damp sponge in water or a mild soapy solution, or with a fine sandpaper. Regular treatment with BEHANDLA wood treatment oil prolongs the life of the countertop.

PRÄGEL Brown Stone Effect Countertop

Moisture-, heat- and scratch-resistant laminate countertop; easy to clean. 2 edging strips included. The countertop can be cut to the desired length. The edging strip prevents water from penetrating into the countertop.

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