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Indoor Christmas Decorations from Costco - Angels, Santas, Nativity Sets

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Elegant indoor Christmas decorations can really add a festive touch to any home. Costco carries a nice selection of indoor Christmas decorations such as angels, santas and nativity sets. These indoor holiday decorations are all very beautiful and well put together and would add a nice touch to any home. Often it's the small touches that really can set the tone of a house, and it would be easy to spread holiday cheer with these nice pieces. Costco carries a wide range of Christmas and holiday products in good quality which would provide a lot of atmosphere in any room.

The standing santa for example would certainly be a fun addition next to the Christmas tree and the porcelain nativity set is so fine - perfect as a center piece. Then you have the angel collection which are elaborately decorated and handpainted for a special touch. When the holidays come around, then it can really be special to have keepsakes to take out just for this occasion. If you take good care of these things, then they should last for many years, and maybe even pass to the next generation! Imagine many years ago when holiday decorations were considered to be such a treasure, they were something that you saved for and perhaps you picked up a new piece every year. Nowadays people usually buy many more decorations and more frequently, and when you look at these santas and angels you can surely understand why!

So no matter whether you're looking for an artificial Christmas tree, a garland or a wreath, or Christmas ornaments, you're sure to find something of interest since the selection is so wide. Of course, at Costco you can also find other appropriate holiday things such as artificial trees, lights and more...


36" Woodland Standing Santa Tabletop Decoration

"This elaborately detailed woodland standing Santa with elegant fabrics and faux furs will be a great addition to your holiday tabletop collection. Height: 36”. Sheepskin beard. Holds a satchel filled with decorative fruit and a pair of wooden skis. Plastic face & hands"

White & Gold Porcelain Nativity Set

"Let this classically styled Nativity help you celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus. This 10-piece porcelain setting sets a grand stage to tell the true story of Christmas. Richly detailed, expressive figures are handmade of lightweight porcelain. Skillfully formed from hand-carved molds "

28" Standing Angel

"This beautiful holiday angel is perfect for the season! She stands 28" tall, and is simply beautiful in soft gold and ivory colors. This angel will make the perfect tabletop decoration for holiday parties this year. Hand-painted resin. Height: 28”. Exquisitely detailed"

14" Ornate Angels Collection

"This set of 3 angel’s are elaborately detailed with glistening beads and glitter. Hand painted resin. Each angel holds its own classical instrument. Hand-painted resin. Height: 14". Felt bottom helps to prevent scratching surfaces. Weight: 16 lbs"

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