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IKEA TV Furniture for your Flat Screen or Plasma TV

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Once you've purchased that gorgeous flat screen TV or Plasma TV, you need somewhere to store it - a piece of furniture for your TV or a TV stand. Whether you need a whole TV storage unit, or smaller TV bench depends on your room and taste. IKEA has a nice selection of affordable stands in different materials and colors which certainly would be worth a look if you're in the market for a new furniture piece.

You can find simple wood TV stands as well as more colorful bright red metal media stands. The latter ones are pretty cool and unusual and would certainly put spin on the design and feel and add a bright and cool looking element. If you are more inclined towards storage space, then there are also a TV storage unit which fills up a whole wall with cubby holes and space for organization. These options are great if you have lots and lots of DVDs, CDs, videogames etc... that tend to go everyhere and might need some better way of organizing. These IKEA TV furniture pieces are all very good looking and stylish, and the price is good too. That is one thing that is pretty neat about IKEA: you can find great and unusual styles for very low prices. So OK, the quality might not always be top notch, however often is quite decent as well. 

When you get one of those large, nice TVs it just isn't the same if you don't have a good way to show it off. Plus, if you get a new media stand or entertainment center, then you also get so many more ways to store all your stuff, it would be easy to find everything. So once it comes to purchasing a new TV stand for a flat screen or plasma, then IKEA is certainly a store worth counting on for their great designs and their low prices. 

tv unit
TOBO TV unit

2 large drawers included. Plenty of space for TV games and accessories.
Sliding doors of tempered glass; remote controls will work through the glass.
Adjustable shelves; adjust spacing according to your needs.

tv furniture

2 large drawers included. Plenty of space for TV games and accessories. The two boxes in the drawers can be lifted out; each box holds 18 DVDs or 50 CDs. Fits a flat screen TV up to 50"; you can place the TV on the bench or hang it directly on the wall.

tv storage
EXPEDIT TV storage unit

Reinforced back panel for a flat screen TV; no need to drill holes in the wall and cords can be hidden at the back. Back panel with pre-drilled holes for concealed cable organizing.

tv unit
LACK TV unit

Open back; makes cable organizing easy.
Supporting leg increases the stability of the TV bench

These pieces of furniture and more can be found at

Sun May 11, 2014 10:26 am
Name: Brandi Comment: I am looking for an EXPEDIT TV storage unit. IKEA no longer sells it.

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Name: Art URL: Comment: TV Furniture and Deals from Costco

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