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Daybeds from IKEA, Crate & Barrel and Target

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A daybed can function both as a bed and as a couch and IKEA, Crate and Barrel and Target have a couple of nice models in wood and steel. Daybeds are great if you have a tight space, or if you need an extra guest bed - plus they are very good looking with a distinct back frame. The one thing that distinguishes daybeds from regular sofas is usually the width. These types of "sofas" are very deep, so you need to get a lot of thick pillows to lessen the space, otherwise it can be quite uncomfortable to sit on one of these beds. However, if you're in the market for something which allows you to curl up and read a book or watch a movie, then it's the perfect configuration. These models are varying in price, with the IKEA models at the lower end, as can be expected. Target does also have a pretty low price point, and Crate and Barrel is more expensive, however their quality is also superior.

The Crate and Barrel daybeds feature classic design. Their Porto daybed and trundle is made out of wrought iron steel and would be a wonderful addition to any bedroom or guest room. This bed is slightly expensive, however the workmanship is very high. It's made in hand wrought steel and would provide that perfect romantic and elegant touch to a room. The IKEA daybeds are great if you're in the market for affordability as well as style. You can find a couple of different models at IKEA, however all models makes you think of classic design with fun details. Their pieces would be ideal if maybe you're looking for a guest bed, or maybe something for your child's room. The Target daybeds are also worthwhile checking out if you're looking for something reasonably priced in wood. 

When it comes to Target however, you might want to check in more frequently to check that the bed is actually in stock. IKEA tends to keep their inventory pretty consistent, so if you have fallen in love with a bed from them, chances are pretty high that they still carry that piece, especially if it's a popular model. Crate and Barrel changes their inventory a bit more frequently than IKEA it seems, however they probably keep their furniture for quite a while.

All of these beds so look so comfortable and they would add a nice touch to any home, no matter whether you would place it in the living room, in a guest room or in a bedroom. Since you both get a bed, and with the help of plush pillows a sofa (or at least somewhere cozy to sit), then you really get quite a lot of value for your money and you utilize you space more efficiently. 

Dorchester Day Bed - Cherry - Target

Solid pine sleigh daybed. Features curved slat spindles in the arm and matching slat spindles in the back

ikea daybed
MELDAL Day-bed frame - IKEA

Two functions in one. A sofa in the daytime which turns into a bed at night. Space under the bed can be utilized with our underbed storage boxes.

Porto Daybed and Trundle - Crate & Barrel

Contemporary open-rail design is hand-wrought steel, hand-forged into a gentle curve and detailed at the posts with hammered oval finials. Arms taper into a graceful swirl. The warm brown color is a custom-blend of three pigments, handpainted and rubbed to a subtle finish.

ikea daybed
TROMSNES Day-bed frame - white - IKEA

Two functions in one. A sofa in the daytime which turns into a bed at night. Solid wood slats offer firm posture support.

These daybeds can be found at, crateandbarrel and

Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:47 am
Name: manija | Comment: hi i am loking for day bed with trundle

Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:36 pm
Name: zaheer | Comment: hi, i've lost the nuts and bolts fro the white ikea metao framed bed and i was just wondering if anyone knew the model name or number???


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