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Contemporary Rugs from Costco - Sheepskin, Wool

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Sheepskin, wool, square, round - Costco has many different contemporary rugs to choose between. If you're looking for a reasonably priced contemporary rug, then Costco is not a bad place to go. Costco carries a nice selection of area rugs as well as smaller rugs in various styles such as Asian rugs, modern pattern rugs and sheepskin rugs which would be great to curl up on in front of the fire. All of these rugs are quality made and feature stylish designs and interesting details.

Picking the right rug for your room can definitely make quite a big difference. After all - a rug does take up a considerable amount of floor space so it isn't strange that the styling will make a big difference in terms of the overal impression. To go for something like a sheepskin rug, which usually is a bit smaller than other designs, and could also be used as an accent piece, could definitely be the way to go if you want something really soft and cozy. Wouldn't it be perfect to place the sheepskin rug right next to your bed so when you wake up in the morning that would be the first thing you would dip your toes into. Sheepskin rugs can also be nice to drape over furniture such as a sofa or a chair in order to make it more cozy, or to upholster an ottoman with for a really fun and different look.

Of course you can also find other styles at Costco: contemporary rugs with bright patterns in wool as well as other designs. These rugs also come in various sizes and shapes, so no matter what style you're in the market for, you should be able to find something suitable within this collection.

Bowron Decto 10pc Short Wool Curly Rug

"A Rare source of lambskins has been hand selected from flocks bred specifically for the production of World Famous New Zealand carpet wools. The strong wool fibers that are characteristic of these carpet wool breeds make Zealambs uniquely suited to the production of a hardwearing genuine lambskin floor rug."


Modern Ivory Rug Collection

"Hand-tufted by expert artisans using a special blend of the highest quality Chinese wools, these rugs have the softest of hands and a shine that is unsurpassed. Many Modern designs feature hand-carving for added depth and a Tibetan-like weave, mostly found in hand-knotted rugs, but expertly achieved in these hand-tufted pieces."

Far East Beige Rug Collection

"East meets west in this beautiful collection of hand-tufted wool rugs. Bold designs and contemporary colors enhance the Chinese characters and Asian elements featured in this group. Hand-carving adds depth. Made of 100% wool."

Auskin Sheepskin Rugs

"Auskin Lambskins are just what you've been waiting for! One touch will tell you what you you've been missing. The soft luxurious pile found in every Auskin products will make every room in house your favorite spot to relax. 100% natural lambskin."

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