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Christmas Lights from Home Depot - Colored, LED, Mini

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Christmas lights such as colored Christmas lights, LED Christmas lights or mini Christmas lights would really add a nice touch to any home during the holidays. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of Christmas lights in various styles. These holiday lights would be great to decorate a tree with, as well as outdoor decor. Home Depot does overall carry quite a selection of holiday related products such as outdoor decor, Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments among other items. So if you're looking to decorate your home for Christmas, then Home Depot would certainly be worth checking out.

Gemmy 24 Pc. Multi-Color Light Show Set

"Energize your decor with color-changing light show sets by Gemmy. The LED lights create a dazzling display of vibrant, dancing light! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, the lights are energy conscious, using 80% less power than regular bulbs! It's sheer brilliance!"

GE 150 Light Clear Commercial Grade Mini Light Set, Case of 8 Sets

"Dangle sparkle to any outside area with 49.6' of our Pro Line 150 Clear Mini Light Set. Each shipping unit contains 8 lights sets. 8 light sets per shipping unit. Each set has a green cord and has 49.6' lighted length."

Home Accents Holiday 70 Light White Snowflake Icicle LED Light Set, Case of 6 Sets

"It's sure to be a white Christmas with this 70 light icicle light set with snowflakes. Perfect for your eaves, windows or door frames. Decorate in energy-efficient style with LED lights which burn up to 80% less energy than standard incandescent lights."

GE 150 Light Pro Line Icicle Light Set, Case of 11 Sets

"Provide sparkle to your outside décor with 9.6' of Icicle Lights. Each shipping unit contains 11 lights sets, consisting of 150 lights on a 4'' strand."

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