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Area Rugs from Lowes

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If you're looking for a new area rug, then Lowes has a nice selection of different models and patterns. To switch out your current rug for something new and fresh is an easy and effective way of getting some new life into your home. Since a rug does take up a fair amount of space inside a home, the effect can be quit dramatic, depending on the color and the contrast with the rest of the decor. Some of these rugs from Lowes are made with woven olefin, others are made in nylon and some are made with linen. The material of the rug will certainly matter in terms of look, feel and durability. Wool is definitely the classic material as well as linen and cotton, however some of these newer materials such as nylon and olefin are quite durable and are a great alternative to sometimes more expensive wool.

These area rugs are also quite affordable, relatively speaking and you can find many different designs ranging from classic to contemporary. To find something that doesn't break your budget is always a great thing, and if you're a bit bored of your current style and you feel like something new would be neat, then it's good to know that home improvement stores such as Lowes offer a great selection for pretty low prices.

A nice area rug can really change a room around and bring forward all the colors and styles. It's perfect to use an area rug if you want to frame or section off an area within a room. For example, put one around one seating group if you have a large living room: the rug creates borders and makes for a more inviting, structured space. With this method you can section off various spaces in one large area and make each space feel more private. So if you're thinking about upgrading your current rug, then Lowes is one of many stores which would be worth a look (IKEA is also one that has many cool budget options!) These Lowes area rugs are good looking, however they also hold a reasonable price, so you don't have to spend all your money on a new rug.

lowes area rug
Mohawk Home 8' X 11' Van Buren Red

"Densely woven from 100% long lasting olefin. Premium quality machine woven area rug. Unique weaving system creates a rainbow of colors"

lowes rugs
Milliken 7'8 X 10'9 Martinque Opal Wheat

"MilliGuard advanced soil and stain protection, 100% nylon for long-lasting wear. Recommended cleaning method Capture dry carpet cleaner. Casual design"

area rug
Oriental Weavers 8' x 10' Circles Area Rug

"Easy care durability, Plush, cashmere finish. Stain, soil and static resistant. 100% nylene construction, 12 contemporary design, Unsurpassed quality, Patented yarn system"

lowes area rugs
Orian 7'10 x 10'10 Kennedy - Linen

"Easy to care for. Soil and static resistant. Available in 2x4, 2x8, 4x6, 5x8, 8x11, & 11x13. Woven in U.S.A. Luxurious, silky-soft pile"

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