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Area Rugs from IKEA - Oriental & Contemporary

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If you're looking for new, affordable area rugs, then IKEA might be a good place to check out. IKEA carries a large selection of different area rugs in oriental as well as contemporary designs and you can find so many styles which won't break the bank but will definitely add a whole lot more style and interest to a space. Most rugs come in different sizes, you simply pick one style which you like and then the appropraite size for your space.

Perhaps you would like an Oriental inspired area rug to bring a classic, warm feel to your house. Many people think that these types of rugs cost a fortune, and while that may be true for original Persian rugs, that is not true for modern reproductions from IKEA! Or maybe you would be more inclined towards a sleek contemporary rug that would be fun and a bit different. Here you have a wide array of different options to choose betwee, so no matter what the color scheme is in your home, you're sure to find something suitable and perhaps quite fun and out of the box! Most of these rugs are made in 100% wool and some are hand tufted. With some of these rugs you definitely want to use a bottom rug to protect it, make it last longer and avoid it slipping all over the place. Read instructions on each individual rug to determine if it's necessary. IKEA designs many low priced furniture for all parts of the home, and these area rugs are good examples of their selection. They happen to be a great place to go when you don't have a super large budget, but you also don't want something boring!

When it comes to rugs, you can find quite a few pieces which will hold up pretty good over years of use. There are round, and unusual pieces which will definitely make a statement, and then there are regular square or rectangular rugs which work in most spaces. Also make sure to check back at every once in a while. They change their selection at times and get new pieces in, so it's definitely worth it to keep on top of their inventory. 

Of course visiting an IKEA store is really the best way to get the full experience - that is if you don't get lost in their maze like structure which is definitely designed to make the customers buy more and get absorbed in their designs and layouts!

oriental rug

"Top quality wool with beautiful sheen and luster. Wool is soil-repellent and hard-wearing."

area rug

"Wool is soil-repellent and hard-wearing. Handwoven. May be completed with STOPP or STOPP FILT anti-slip/rug underlay for enhanced safety and comfort. Use surface: 100% Pure New Wool. Warp: 100 % cotton"

area rug
BETTAN LINJE Area Rug black, white

"Heat-set polypropylene; makes the rug soft to walk on. Machine-woven. May be completed with STOPP or STOPP FILT anti-slip/rug underlay for enhanced safety and comfort."

round rug
ANDREA RUND Rug orange, off-white

"Woolmark. 100% pure new wool. Wool is soil-repellent and hard-wearing. Hand-tufted. May be completed with STOPP or STOPP FILT anti-slip/rug underlay for enhanced safety and comfort."

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Name: Maria | Comment: I need to see more rugs to decide what I need.

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