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Antique & Vintage Beds from Thomasville in Mahogany & Oak

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Thomasville carries such an elegant selection of antique beds and vintage beds in mahogany and oak, as well as other types of wood, so if you're in the mood for something traditional and elegant, then this is definitely the place to go. These fine beds feature decorative carvings, elaborate details and grand designs - perfect for a dramatic bedroom with matching dark wood furniture. If you want the bed to be the most prominent piece in your room, then one of these beds will definitely do the job!

Thomasville often advertise with the fact that they offer classic American furniture, and this is indeed true. If you tend to get drawn towards very traditional pieces, then you will absolutely love their selection which leaves a very good impression.

The attention to detail on these pieces is quite grand. Observe the rich carvings and the fine headboards which really lend an air of sophistication and style. One of these beds really demands a large bedroom since they are so powerful and strong. If you have a smaller space, please don't try to cram one of these large beds into it; it will get quite the opposite effect and instead make the room feel small and cramped. Most of these Thomasville beds you can find in queen as well as king models.

Below you can see just a few of their selection, however you can find much more at Also, if you're looking to match your bed with a nightstand, armoire, dresser etc... then you can find those pieces there as well. 

Costa Blanca Metal and Wood Bed (Queen)

"Includes headboard and footboard, two 81" (206 cm) wooden side rails and Mattress Support System"

Ernest Hemingway Daneli Panel Bed (King)

"Classic shell motif carvings, unique scrolling posts and graceful inlays highlight the upscale elegance of the Daneli Poster Bed, named for one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite hotels in Venice, Italy. Emulate the grandeur of this former 14th-century palace by making the bed the focal point of your well-appointed bedroom. Solid mahogany—the aristocrat of cabinet woods."

Fredericksburg Mansion Bed (King)

"You need not dwell in a McMansion to appreciate a bed surely fit for a king (and his queen, of course). The mahogany veneer Mansion Bed creates a dramatic focal point for your bedroom with its significant stature, broken pediment, center domed medallion (called a cabochon) and tastefully turned bedposts with urn finials."

Hills of Tuscany Pisa Mansion Bed (King)

"You’ll feel like pampered royalty in the Pisa Mansion Bed. Modern (albeit elegant) peninsula styling directs all eyes to the dramatic fruitwood headboard, with its subtle gold tipping, shell carving and “singed” wood decoration. Foot-of-the-bed sight lines are uninterrupted for watching TV or admiring the view."

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Name: Kelly Comment: I lost this bed in a house fire, wondering if it is available and how much is can be purchased for. Thanks
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Costa Blanca metal and wood bed by Thomasville

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