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Acrylic Shower Stalls & Glass Shower Doors from Costco by New Waves & Advanta

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To put in acrylic shower stalls or perhaps glass shower doors in the bathroom can create a very fresh and practical look, and Costco is the perfect place to check out if you're thinking this might be a good fit for you and your family. Costco carries a couple of nice shower stalls and doors by New Waves and Advanta, who would have thought? Costco is such a surprise store, it seems like you can find a little bit of everything there, and shower doors is apparently not an exception! You can find sturdy acrylic shower stalls, as well as sleek and elegant glass shower doors at this store. All of these units are very good looking as well as easy to install. Costco also carries a couple of jacuzzi tubs as well as clawfoot tubs, along with vanities and sinks, so if you're about to remodel your bathroom and you're looking for reasonably priced, high quality pieces, then they would well be worth a look.

However, not all Costco stores would probably have these doors, some of their stores are quite large and have a very wide selection, whereas others are smaller, however there is always their website which has a very wide selection.

The New Waves acrylic shower stalls are very sleek and contemporary looking. These glass shower doors would make your bathroom look like a real spa, and isn't that what we all really want? The Advanta shower stalls would be perfect if you're looking for a built in massage system to relief tension after a hard day's work. This type of system would add such a nice touch to a bathroom, you would certainly look forward to getting home at night, just to enjoy your bathroom. So no matter what type of home accessories or bathroom products you're looking for, Costco is certainly worth a visit since they have so many cool products, and for good prices too.

New Waves Rome Tempered Glass Shower

"The Rome tempered glass shower features a two sided, 10 mm thick tempered glass shower with a “satin finish”. In addition to this it is fitted with L-shaped handle on an exterior outward swinging door and a unique interior shelving unit. Fixed upon an acrylic “anti skid” protected base, this shower is a unique solution for smaller bathroom spaces that require practicality."

Advanta Camry 3-piece Neo Round Corner Shower Right or Left Side

"Give yourself a relaxing treat every day with the Advanta Camry shower. Turn your daily shower into a calming ritual as you introduce your body to a soothing symphony of water jets with the Aquasens massage system. The Camry shower is perfect for your remodeling projects; pick the unit that will best fit your plumbing application."

Advanta Equinox Acrylic One-Piece Neo-Round Corner Shower

"Shower away the tension of the day with the Advanta Equinox I with Aquasens body jet massage system. This massage therapy one-piece shower will coax the weight of the world from your neck, shoulders, and back, leaving you calm and profoundly relaxed. The Equinox I includes a 1-piece shower (wall and base), separate roofcap, and Contoura neo-round central opening sliding doors."

New Waves Gail-03 Tempered Glass Shower

"The Gale-03 is a 10 mm thick tempered-glass rectangular surround shower with a reversible hinge swinging door. Featuring an L-shaped handle held by a satin finish aluminum frame and standing on an acrylic “anti-skid” base, this shower creates a large and comfortable space in any bathroom. In addition to this the shower is the perfect size to replace your existing 60-in. bathtub

These showers can be found at

Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:53 am
Name: Madhavi Rao | Comment: I have seen something similar to these in costco stores a month ago. And now they donot have any more. Where can I buy this. I like New Waves Rome Tempered Glass Shower. Please let me know at

Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:43 pm
Name: ginnie | Comment: Hi: Can't find the Camry Neo Round Corner Shower (or any shower enclosure) on the
Costco web site. Please tell me about this unit: measurements, what materials are in it, thickness of "glass" Please let me know where to get more information and where to order, if this works for us. Thank you.

Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:40 am
Name: Domenic Comment: I need to install the ( new wave kelsey 48" ) shower, purchased t costco item # 671317
Is it possible to get the manufacturer's installation instructios for both the base and the glass enclosure ?
Thank you

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