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When you're out of inspiration and you need some ideas for elegant furniture for your home, lighting products, wall decor etc... then we want this space to provide an oasis. We strive to cover a variety of areas within interior design including best sofas, decorative accents, rugs, and simply ideas to make your home look the best.
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Bathroom Sinks & Faucets from IKEA

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If you're looking to remodel your bathroom without spending too much money, then check out IKEA for bathroom sinks and faucets. IKEA designs so many cheap, affordable bathroom furniture pieces such as bathroom cabinets, shelves and vanities. Here are a couple of bathroom sinks as well as bathroom faucets that are stylish, modern and contemporary without costing a fortune - perfect when you're remodeling on a budget.

ENSEN Bath faucet with strainer

Strainer included. Suitable for HÖLLVIKEN and ASPSKÄR wash-basins.

bathroom sink
ASPSKÄR Sink white

Fits ENSEN, ENSKÄR and APELSKÄR sink faucets. ORREVIK sink strainer is sold separately. ATLANT water-trap is sold separately.

HÖLLVIKEN Sink white

Fits ENSEN, ENSKÄR and APELSKÄR sink faucets. Ceramic, Colored glaze.

ÅNN Bath faucet with strainer

To be used with ÅNN sink. Strainer included.

These bathroom fixtures can be found at

Kitchen Cabinets from Lowes

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If you're remodeling your kitchen, then Lowes is a good place to look. This home improvement store does in fact have a wide selection of kitchen cabinets in various wood types ranging from hickory, maple and oak, all quite basic in design but with different looks depending on which type of wood you choose. The prices at Lowes are affordable, so you might be able to purchase new kitchen cabinets for a low cost, and that is always a welcome thing!

You can find sink base cabinets, and wall cabinets in different shades of wood and different sizes. With this selection, it would be pretty simple to put together a simple, good looking kitchen, for a minimal cost. These Lowes kitchen cabinets feature solid construction and the interior is scratch resistant. Setting up a new kitchen can be a bit tricky: first make sure to measure your space accurately so you get a good perspective on what kind of cabinets you need. The staff over at Lowes also tend to be rather helpful so it would be a good idea to perhaps sit down with them for a more in depth consultation.

Also keep in mind that you don't have to always use the design that is most common. It can in fact look great and be very practical to simply put in bottom cabinets and then put up shelving on the wall for a more open and airy feel. Getting a new kitchen can often be quite expensive, so it's something that many people put off doing for a long time. That's when it's good to know that there are options in these reasonably priced home improvement stores (other options would also be to check out Home Depot, Ace Hardware and maybe Costco even). So if you're looking for wall cabinets, base cabinets or angle cabinets, or maybe a combination thereof, then would be a place to check out. Their maple, oak and hickory cabinets are very basic in design, but with some nice knobs and handles and nice matching pieces in the kitchen you can get a pretty awesome space without having to spend a fortune...

oak kitchen cabinets
60 inches Oak Sink Base

"Doors feature solid oak frames and raised panel square veneer center panel. Cabinets feature heavy duty drawer boxes. Cabinet interiors feature scratch resistant, easy to clean finish"

hickory kitchen base cabinet
Continental Cabinets Inc 18 inches Hickory Base Cabinet

"Fully assembled tall utility cabinet with solid oak face frame construction. Cabinet door features a solid oak frame and a square flat oak center panel"

sink base cabinet
36 inches White Sink Base Cabinet

"Doors feature white thermofoil finish and raised panel square profile"

maple cabinets
Woodgate Cabinetry 36 inches x 30 inches Wentworth Raffia Wall Cabinet

"Cabinet Material: Maple, Quality furniture grade finish. Solid hardwood face frame for added strength"

Painting a Room Brown - Different Shades of Brown

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Just like any other color, brown offers a whole world of different brownshades ranging from warmer to colder. Some of these brown shades are very rich and reminds you of chocolate and cinnamon whereas others lean more towards sand. Others go the other way towards caramel, and then of course you have bronze and copper. If you're planning on using brown on a whole wall, or in a large area, then it would be a good idea to choose a room that is very light. If you paint a dark room brown, then the shades will make it very dark, almost leaning towards black.

Let's take a look at the different shades of brown to consider:

Golden Brown
This shade of brown has quite strong yellow undertones and draws your thoughts towards gold, copper, peanut butter and camel.

Leathery Brown
Leathery shades of brown have a copper undertone and can range from nut brown to latte. These shades are pretty warm.

Beige Brown
If you're looking for more of a creamy, natural shade, then beige browns are the way to go. Beige browns are very versatile since they go with so many other colors. This shade is distinctly warm and creamy  and appropriate for many different settings.

Orange or Reddish Brown
This shade has strong influences of red, so if you're looking for a warm shade, or maybe you're drawn towards red, however you want something a bit more subtle, then this is would be a good shade for you. This type of brown can be found anywhere in between brick, clay and yam colors.

Purple Brown
In case you're looking for a dark, yet warm brown, then a purple brown with shades of burgundy and cinnamon would be a good choice.

Gray or Taupe Brown
This type of brown which contains a lot of gray is quite cool and would be a good choice if you want to match it with other colors.

Christmas Lights from Home Depot - Colored, LED, Mini

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Christmas lights such as colored Christmas lights, LED Christmas lights or mini Christmas lights would really add a nice touch to any home during the holidays. Home Depot is one store that carries a nice selection of Christmas lights in various styles. These holiday lights would be great to decorate a tree with, as well as outdoor decor. Home Depot does overall carry quite a selection of holiday related products such as outdoor decor, Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments among other items. So if you're looking to decorate your home for Christmas, then Home Depot would certainly be worth checking out.

Gemmy 24 Pc. Multi-Color Light Show Set

"Energize your decor with color-changing light show sets by Gemmy. The LED lights create a dazzling display of vibrant, dancing light! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, the lights are energy conscious, using 80% less power than regular bulbs! It's sheer brilliance!"

GE 150 Light Clear Commercial Grade Mini Light Set, Case of 8 Sets

"Dangle sparkle to any outside area with 49.6' of our Pro Line 150 Clear Mini Light Set. Each shipping unit contains 8 lights sets. 8 light sets per shipping unit. Each set has a green cord and has 49.6' lighted length."

Home Accents Holiday 70 Light White Snowflake Icicle LED Light Set, Case of 6 Sets

"It's sure to be a white Christmas with this 70 light icicle light set with snowflakes. Perfect for your eaves, windows or door frames. Decorate in energy-efficient style with LED lights which burn up to 80% less energy than standard incandescent lights."

GE 150 Light Pro Line Icicle Light Set, Case of 11 Sets

"Provide sparkle to your outside décor with 9.6' of Icicle Lights. Each shipping unit contains 11 lights sets, consisting of 150 lights on a 4'' strand."

These lights can be found at

Designer, Striped & Retro Shower Curtains in Vinyl, Plastic & Cotton at Target

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If you're looking for a designer shower curtain, a striped shower curtain or a retro shower curtain, then Target is the place to go. Target carries a wide selection of shower curtains in vinyl, plastic and cotton in a range of different designs. Most of these shower curtains require liners in order to protect the curtain. Since there is such a wide selection to choose from, you're sure to find something that will fit in with the decor in your bathroom. Target carries quite a wide selection of bath and bedding products. All their furniture and accessories are reasonable priced, but that doesn't mean that quality has been sacrificed. So if you're on a budget, however you're looking for great furniture or accessories for your home, then Target is certainly worth a visit.

shower curtain
Tree Shower Curtain Set - Brown

"13-pc. Set Includes Shower Curtain Hooks, Shower Curtain. Cotton, Resin. Brown, White. Wipe Clean with a Damp Cloth, Dry Clean Only"

shower curtain
Arbor Stripe Shower Curtain

"Standard-size cloth shower curtain. Vertical stripes of red, green, cream, orange and yellow. Top features slots for rod hooks or rings (sold separately); liner not included. Part of the Arbor Stripe bath coordinates, which includes a bath rug, wastebasket, 3-pc. bath towels and sink-side accessories"

shower curtain
Antoinette Shower Curtain

"100% Polyester. Stunning Ivory, Black, Toile Pattern. Machine Wash. Vinyl Liner, Shower Hooks Sold Separately"

shower curtain
Paisley Shower Curtain

"This shower curtain features a whimsical, updated take on the classic paisley. Playful palette of green, yellows, pinks and blues. 100% vinyl. Wipe clean"

These shower curtains can be found at

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