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Wood Paneling from Home Depot by Closet Maid & House of Fara

Wed May 11, 2011 8:54 am
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Wood paneling can add such an elegant and sophisticated touch to a room. Home Depot carries a wide selection of wood paneling by brands such as Closet Maid & House of Fara. If you're looking to create a more cozy and decorated look (either a darker shade for a library for example, or a lighter shade for a more charming kitchen etc...) then this would definitely be the way to go. You can find oak paneling, white paneling and cherry paneling among other types of wood. These wood panels come in various designs, and they all are sturdy, durable and made in great quality. You can for instance find white paintable paneling which would be perfect if you want to personalize your room, oak print wall paneling which is an affordable option to natural wood as well as solid cherry wood panels among other products.

Wall paneling has certainly been forgotten for some time, however recently it seems to have gotten an upswing, especially when you calculate the cozy country style popularity recently. You can definitely go two different ways with paneling: you can go dark and elegant: think library, leather chairs, books, rich carpets etc... This can be a great look in the right setting. The other option is light paneling, either white or stained or why not a completely different shade such as blue. This is ideal when you have paneling about half way up with a matching wallpaper or color decorating wall on the upper side. It can definitely be a good idea to check out Home Depot if you are interested in this style as they tend to carry quite a few different options which are nice looking and versatile.

ClosetMaid 3/16 In. x 48 In. x 96 In. White paintable Paneling

"Paintable Paneling is ready and awaiting your favorite colour, install this modern look floor to ceiling or whenever versatility and strength are your priority. Feel good about high fashion, low maintenance wall décor solutions. Easily painted with good quality water base or oil base paint."

ClosetMaid 1/8 In. x 48 In. x 96 In. Hardboard Spartan Oak Print Wall Paneling

"Spartan Oak wall paneling provides the realistic look of wood paneling. Low maintenace wall decor solutions from recycled wood. Hardboard spartan oak print wall paneling. Dimensions: ⅛ in. x 48 in. x 96 in. Lumber Application : N/A"

House of Fara 8 Linear Feet 36 In., Solid Oak Tongue and Groove Wainscot With Base Moulding and Chair Rail.

"Everything you need to cover an eight linear foot section of wall, 36" high with solid oak, tongue and groove wainscot. Includes base and chair rail"

House of Fara 8 Linear Feet 36 In., Solid Cherry Tongue and Groove Wainscot With Base Moulding and Chair Rail.

"Solid Cherry Hardwood. Suitable for Stain or Clear Coat. All in one package for simplicity"

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