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Vinotemp Wine Cellar at Costco

Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:33 pm
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If you collect a lot of wine and you need more space than a wine cooler, then perhaps one of these Vinotemp Wine Cellar cabinets at Costco would be of interest. Costco carries a couple of gorgeous wine cellar cabinets by Vinotemp and Apex. These wine cellars feature dark rich wood, glass doors, cooling systems, humidity control and plenty of storage. You can also find a modular wine cellar which allows you to create a complete custom design to fit your needs. Costco carries a quite large selection of various home appliances as well as house products and tools for reasonable prices. So no matter what type of product you're looking for, Costco is certainly worth checking out.

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Vinotemp Concord 450-bottle Mahogany Finish on White Oak

"The Vinotemp Concord wine cellar features two full double-paned glass doors, fluorescent lighting, a Vinotemp 1500 WineMate cooling unit and Victorian mahogany finish on the white oak exterior. Reliable and attractive wine storage that will look beautiful anywhere in your home."


Vinotemp 500EC 450-bottle Mahogany

"The Vinotemp 500EC wine cellar is manufactured in U.S.A. of luan mahogany with a dark cherry stain finish. Attractive in your home, the upgraded WineMate cooling system with digital display also allows use in warmer locations like a basement or garage."

Vinotemp Stainless 180-Bottle Wine Cellar

"The stainless Vinotemp VT-182 wine cellar features 14 wooden shelves for an approximate 180-bottle total capacity. The stainless finish and glass door provide modern styling, while front venting allows setup as a stand-alone or built-in unit."


Apex Modular Wine Cellars

"Apex 7ft tall Modular Wine Racking System are totally unique for a true custom cellar look, and built with top quality mahogany. Completely do-it-yourself, these 14 racking styles are designed for simple home assembly. The seven-foot tall modular wine racks, with a fully nested bottle depth of 13 3/8”, has the look and feel of custom cellars that cost thousands of dollars more."

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