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Velux Skylights at Lowes

Mon May 16, 2011 8:33 am
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Velux Skylights at Lowes will add natural light and the illusion of space to a room. If you're looking for fixed skylights, then Lowes might be worth checking out. Lowes carries a nice selection of Velux skylights which certainly would be worth a look if you're thinkinf of ways to opening your home up. You can find skylights with tempered glass, flashing deck mount skylights and curb mount skylights with insulated glass. It's definitely pretty important to consider these things, and to make the skylight is put in well, because often there are problems associated with it such as leakage, if the unit isn't properly installed. It's definitely also important to buy a skylight with insulated glass, since otherwise it can steal energy quite quickly.

These skylights feature limited warranty and they are built very well, plus they are available in various sizes. Aluminum clad exterior, tempered glass and insulated glass are some details that stand out. A nice set of skylights can really lighten up a room and make it brighter. If you have a room that feels rather tight and dark and it doesn't quite have enough windows, then investing in putting a skylight in can make such an enormous difference. It will make the space feel brighter, larger, lighter and simply open up the space and make it better to live in. It also doesn't hurt that these Lowes skylights are affordable and available in various sizes so you really should be able to find something that works with your particular needs.

Overall, Lowes tend to have a nice selection of products and their staff is rather helpful and friendly, so if you're in the market for some home improvement products, then they would certainly be worth checking out.


Velux 21 x 47 Velux Fixed Deck Mount Skylight with Tempered Glass over Tempered Glass

"Aluminum Clad Exterior. Wood Interior. Frame Color: Bronze"

Velux 22 x 46 Velux Fixed Curb Mount Skylight with Tempered Glass over Tempered Glass

"Aluminum Clad Exterior. Sanoprene Gasket Interior. Frame Color: Bronze

Velux 23 x 46 Velux Fixed Self Flashing Deck Mount Skylight

Sun-Tek 22.5 x 22.5 Sun-Tek Fixed Curb Mount Skylight with Insulated Glass

These skylights can be found at

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