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Torque Horse Pneumatic Drill

Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:32 pm
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If you're looking for pneumatic drill tools, then Target might be worth checking out. Target carries a nice selection of pneumatic tools by Torque Horse and Surebonder among other brands. You can find pneumatic drill sets, pneumatic staplers, pneumatic brad nailers and pneumatic impact wrenches to mention a few models. Pneumatic tools are tool driven by gas, usually compressed air supplied by a gas compressor. Pneumatic tools are often safer and cheaper to run and maintain than electrical tools. Both Torque Horse and Surebonder are well known to produce quality products. So if you're looking for affordable home products, tools or equipment, then Target might be worth checking out. You can find many different types of products at Target by various brands for reasonable prices.

pneumatic tool
Torque Horse 15-pc. Pneumatic Drill Set

"A complete set, perfect for any workshop or garage. Powerful pneumatic 3/8" reversible drill. Comes with 10 twist drill bits. Sturdy blow-mold case for storage and portability. Drill: 9L""

pneumatic tool
Surebonder Pneumatic Stapler

"Heavy-duty pneumatic stapler is ideal for working with furniture, underlayment, paneling, molding and trim soffits. 1/4" crown, 18-gauge pneumatic stapler. Drives 5/8" to 1-9/16" heavy-duty staples"

pneumatic tool
Surebonder Pneumatic 18-Gauge Brad Nailer (3/8" to 1-1/4")

"Pneumatic brad nailer with carrying case is ideal for working with cabinets, picture frames, trim, furniture repair, baseboards and chair rails. Drives 3/8" to 1-1/4", 18-gauge brad nails. Features safety mechanism to prevent accidental firing and quick-release magazine for easy loading. Air exhaust is adjustable"

pneumatic tool
Torque Horse Pneumatic Impact Wrench

"A powerful and well-designed tool. " drive; 90 psi with " air inlet. Built-in regulator to prevent excessive torque. Great for tire changing, shock and spring work"

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