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Toro ECXTRA Sprinkler Timer With Scheduling Advisor & Timepod at Home Depot

Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:51 pm
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If you're looking for Toro ECXTRA Sprinkler Timer With Scheduling Advisor & Timepod, then Home Depot might be worth checking out. Home Depot carries a nice selection of irrigation sprinkler timers. Some of these timers are quite fancy and come with rain sensors and other advanced features. With one of these timers, you can control your lawn and landscape automatically by setting exactly when you want your timers to go on. So no matter what type of house products you're looking for, you're sure to find something of interest at Home Depot - they carry a wide selection of well known, quality brands, and a large variety of different products in areas such as building materials, appliances and more...

Rain Bird 9 Station Automatic Sprinkler Timer With Rain Sensor

"The complete irrigation system manager for up to 9 valves (watering stations), the ISM sprinkler timer is remarkably easy to program while offering advanced features for precise watering control. Common schedules can be programmed with one-touch convenience. More sophisticated programming can be done quickly and simply by following on-screen prompts at each point of the dial."

Rain Bird Single Program 4 Station Timer

"Rainbird 4-station single program indoor sprinkler timer. Simple to program. Six pre-programmed schedules can easily be modified to meet requirements. Compatible with major brand valve and sprinkler systems. Manual start begins watering without interfering with normal settings. Fail-safe program defaults to a backup in case of battery failure to protect your lawn."

Toro ECXTRA 6-8 Zone Sprinkler Timer With Scheduling Advisor & Timepod

"Toro takes the mystery out of watering your lawn and landscape! Use your personal computer to create watering schedules and manage your Toro ECXTRA Sprinkler Timer automatically! Imagine the convenience of programming the ECXTRA irrigation timer from your personal computer with an irrigation expert guiding you to perfect water-saving irrigation schedules."

12-Station Pro Outdoor Controller

"This 12 station, tough, impact resistant, UV resistant, and water resistant timer is perfect for outdoor installations. The timer features easy programming with convenient At-A-Glance slide switches for one touch watering duration adjustment of each station, along with text messaging to guide the user through the programming process."

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