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Tile Grout from Ace Hardware

Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:25 pm
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When working with tiles, it makes a big difference if you have the right tools and the right tile grout. Ace Hardware is one store that carries a nice selection of tile grout, as well as tile cutters and other tiling tools. You can find a variety of tile grout such as cement additive, tile grout repair kits and concrete patches. So if you're looking for affordable home products, tools or equipment, then Target might be worth checking out. You can find many different types of products at Target by various brands for reasonable prices.

tiling grout
Acryl 60 Cement Additive

"Liquid additive/portland cements. Improves adhesion, bonding and curing. Mix with any cementitious material, including plaster and stucco"

tiling grout
Elmer's Tile Grout - 12 Pack

"RTU. For grouting and sealing. Resists shrinking, cracking, staining and mildew. Apply to glass, wood, metal, some plastics. Paintable after 30 min. Water resistant. Water clean-up while wet. Non-toxic. Stays white"

tiling grout
Homax Tile Grout Repair Kit (9350) - 6 Pack

"Contains: 4 oz. white tile grout/adhesive and carbide tip grout saw"

tiling grout
Thorocrete Concrete Patch

"Cement-base, easy to use repair mortar. Can be feather-edged and is formulated for either interior or exterior use on horizontal surfaces. For cracks, chips and for resurfacing and leveling concrete floors, walkways, steps, etc. One pound covers 3 ft. by 1 ft. area 1/2 inch thick. Gray"

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