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Stairtek Stair Treads from Home Depot in Oak, Maple, Cherry & Poplar

Sun May 15, 2011 8:41 am
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If you're looking for some nice stair treads, then Home Depot is worth checking out. Home Depot carries a nice selection of Stairtek stair treads in various types of wood such as oak, maple, cherry and poplar. These stair treads come finished as well as unfinished, so you can find what suits your needs. There are red oak stair treads, Brazilian cherry stair treads as well as unfinished maple stair treads among this collection.

A nice set of stair treads can really make a huge difference if you're remodeling or changing the look of your stairs. This is definitely a way to fix up the look of your stairs, without spending too much money. Sure, there are definitely a bit of work involved here, however this can dramatically improve the style of your home, and the appearance of your stairway.

Within this selection here there are lots of different shades of wood to choose between such as red oak, Brazilian cherry, maple and poplar. So it would certainly be a good idea to match your current floors well so it blends in nicely. Many of these stair treads are also unfinished which gives you an opportunity to stain the treads once they are installed in a shine and finish which you approve of. So if you're looking to upgrade the look of your home, then replacing your stair treads can definitely be something worth doing.

Stairtek 3 Pack 11.25 x 36 In. Unfinished Contractor Grade Red Oak Tread

"This popular red oak unfinished stair tread can be stained and finished to blend with any decor. The unique and varied grain patterns of this red oak tread blend perfectly in a country-style setting. The contrasting colors, dark streaks and small knots found in the wood grain convey a rustic look which adds warmth and ambiance to your staircase."

Stairtek 3 Pack 11.5 x 42 In. Unfinished Brazilian Cherry Tread

"You are no longer limited to the typical red oak stair treads for your staircase. These beautiful, exotic Brazilian cherry stair treads will be shipped unfinished for site finishing to your choice of stain and finish to compliment your interior."

Stairtek 3 Pack 7.5 x 42 In. Unfinished Maple Riser

"This uniform cream colored maple unfinished stair riser has been a favorite among those wanting a contemporary look. These maple risers can be stained dark or left to a light natural finish to match your maple treads. You are no longer limited to the very common wide grain of red oak stair risers for your staircase."

Stairtek 3 Pack 7.25 x 36 In. Primed White Poplar Riser

"This Stairtek primed white riser is the economical choice for the do-it-yourselfer that is easy to use & work with. The riser is finger jointed all poplar wood that is primed twice & sanded twice to ensure that only one final coat of paint is needed to give your risers a professional look."

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