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Sears Kenmore Whole House Water Filter

Wed May 18, 2011 3:31 pm
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If you want to make sure that your family is enjoying clean water, then perhaps a Sears Kenmore Whole House Water Filter system would be useful. Sears carries a nice selection of Kenmore water filtration systems such as water filters, dispensing systems, clarifying filters as well as taste and odor filters. These water filtration systems come in large models for the entire house, as well as smaller solutions which are much cheaper.

Most people don't drink enough water, and one reason for that could very well be that people don't like the taste of the water. Well, with one of these filters you could make your water instantly taste better as it get rids of any impurities which can adversely affect the taste of the water. One of these water filters is easy enough to install and it's much easier to put one of these on your taps as opposed to using a filter in a pitcher which you constantly have to refill. With one of these filters you simply get water out of the tap, the only difference being the water tastes much better. There are of course several different types of systems available, you can also find a system that injects a water treatment solution into your tank. It can definitely be a good idea to talk to someone at Sears for a more concise view of what system would be the most beneficial for your home. Over at Sears you can find quite a few nice products and the prices aren't too bad either.

Kenmore Whole House Water Filter

"Improve the taste and reduce unpleasant odors in your water with a Whole Home Water Filter that reduces sediment and rust particles. The system utilizes 3/4 in. inlet/outlet connections for whole home and undersink application, and has a clear housing for easy filter inspection."

Kenmore Solution Dispensing System, 15 gal. Tank Capacity

"The solution dispensing system injects a solution for water treatment. The system can be used to treat water for hydrogen sulfide, iron water, acid water and combination problems with acid condition."

Kenmore Solid State Automatic Clarifying Filter

"This clarifying filter reduces sediment such as dirt, sand, silt, clay and fine organic matter from your water. Solid state control panel for dependable performance. Three easy-to-use program settings"

Kenmore Solid State Automatic Taste and Odor Filter

"This specially designed unit reduces most unpleasant tastes and odors (except hydrogen sulfide - rotten egg odor) and certain organic colors from your water."

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