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Sears Craftsman Professional Submersible Utility Pump

Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:04 pm
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If you're looking for durable Craftsman Professional Submersible Utility Pump for pools or waterfalls, then Sears might have something of interest. Sears carries a nice selection of aquatic water pumps by Flotec, Craftsman and Simer. You can find a lot of different kinds of water pumps such as pool filter pumps, waterfall utility pumps, submersible pumps and utility pumps. All of these pumps are very durable and sturdy. So no matter what type of building tools or home materials you're looking for, Sears is a great place to check out. Sears carries a lot of different brands, they keep their prices relatively low and their products are made to last for years to come.

Craftsman 1-1/2 hp Pool Filter Pump

"1-1/2 hp Thermoplastic Pool Filter Pump used for in-ground or above ground pools. Pumps up to 80 GPM. Dual voltage (115 or 230). Capacitor start motor - more efficient motor start. Drainplug - simplifies draining and winterization"

Flotec 4/10 hp 3000 gph Waterfall Utility Pump

"4/10 hp thermolastic and stainless steel, waterfall utility pump capable of pumping up to 50 GPM (3000 gph). Recirculates water in garden ponds, waterfalls, streams and pumps water out where unwanted."

Simer 1/4 hp Smart Geyser Sumbersible Utility Pump

"1/4 hp high impact thermopolastic automatic submersible utility pump capable of pumping up to 30 GPM (1800 gph). Checks for water on a continuous cycle and will only pump when water is present."

Craftsman Professional 1/4 hp Submersible Utility Pump

"1/4 hp Craftsman Professional, high impact thermoplastic, submersible utility pump capable of pumping up to 30.0 GPM (1800 gph). Typical applications include flooded window wells and basements."

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