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Pergo Flooring from Lowes

Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:39 pm
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Pergo flooring is a great solution if you're thinking of putting in new floors, because it features great looks and it's inexpensive and very low to maintain. Lowes is one store that carries a nice selection of Pergo laminate floors so if you're in the market for buying new floors, then they would surely be worth checking out. You can find such a wide range of different looks such as oak, walnut, bamboo, beech, maple and cherry to mention a few styles. These Pergo floors are easy to maintain, and they are durable. Since these laminate floors are available in many different designs, it won't be difficult to find a style that fits in with your taste and decor.

There are for example dual locking click system pergo floors, water resistant feature pergo floors as well as micro beveled edges pergo floors among other features. These dual locking click floors are really easy to put in so you could do it all by yourself, saving the money to hire a professional to do it. If you don't have a big budget but you really would like a new floor for your home, then going with pergo flooring would definitely be a good choice. There are so many wonderful shades and designs, it shouldn't be very difficult to find a style that goes with your preference. No matter whether you prefer a light shade such as bamboo or pine, a warm medium shade such as maple or oak, or a darker shade such as mahogany or cherry, you should be able to find something suitable within this selection. Overall, Lowes is a really good place to check out for these types of products: they feature a wide selection and their prices are reasonable too.

Pergo Durant Beech Laminate Flooring

"Thicker high density core for better durability and moisture resistance. Dual-locking click system with edge sealant"

Pergo Springdale Dark Cherry Laminate Flooring

"Wear resistant surface featuring LusterGuard Plus. Pre-attached Premium Underlayment"

Pergo Asian Bamboo Laminate Flooring

"Satin, gloss finish creates the look of fine exotic wood. Available in traditional and narrow plank formats with micro beveled edges for realism"

Pergo Mexican Mesquite 3.5" Laminate Flooring

"Dual-locking click system with edge sealant. Wear resistant surface featuring LusterGuard Plus"

These floors can be found at

Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:41 pm
Name: Doug Brininstool | Comment: Do you still have the Springdale Dark Cherry Pergo Flooring in stock?
Please let me know.
Thank you,
Douglas Brininstool

Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:41 am
Name: aaron | Comment: also in need of sprindage dark cherry

Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:39 pm
Name: Mike Carson | Comment: Do you have the Pergo Durant Beech Laminate Flooring in stock?

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