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Paint Sprayers from Lowes by Wagner, Task Force, Kobalt & SprayTech

Wed May 11, 2011 9:23 am
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When painting a house, you can get the job done so much faster if utilizing a paint sprayer. If you're looking for a paint sprayer, then Lowes might have something of interest. Lowes carries a wide selection of paint sprayers by Wagner, Task Force, Kobalt and SprayTech. These paint sprayers feature increased flexibility, pressure fluid delivery as well as siphon delivery, in-line gun filters and recoil air hoses. You can find airless paint sprayers, spray gun kits and and spray guns to mention a few different models.

Some things are more appropriate to use a spray painter on than others. If you're are painting the facade of a house for example, then a spray painter could really be a practical choice that makes the job finish a lot quicker. If however you're working on a fine, delicate piece of furniture or something else that needs a high attention to detail, then a paint sprayer might not be the best choice. Painting a house or a large surface can however take forever if you use conventional methods: not to mention, it's tiring. With one of these paint sprayers you can get the job done in no time and it's also rather fun to do.

If you like the idea of a paint sprayer but you really don't want to buy another thing which you have to store when not in use, then it might be a good idea to simply rent one. Some paint stores have these sprayers which you can rent out. Sure, it's definitely a bit more expensive if you have to rent it several time, but if it's a one job thing that won't take you too long to do, then it might be a better option. On the other hand, if you have lots of work ahead of you and you want to be able to take your time, then buying one might be more practical as well as affordable in the long run.

Wagner Paint Crew Airless Paint Sprayer

"On demand Piston Pump. Professional Grade Metal Lightweight Spray Gun (G-7/8” threads). In-line gun filter. 2-gallon capacity hopper increases spray time and convenience. 25' of hose (Max hose length 50'). 413 Reversible Spray Tip; Reversible means it can clear clogs fast with just a twist of the tip"

Task Force 41-Piece Spray Gun Kit

"Kit Includes: Siphon Feed Spray Gun, Extra 32 oz. Paint Canister, Siphon Feed Detail Spray gun, Extra 8 oz. Paint Canister, Recoil Air Hose, Blow Gun, Rubber Nozzle, Safety Nozzle, 2-Tapered Nozzles, Inflation Needle, Needle adaptor"

Kobalt Latex Spray Gun

"Easily switches from pressure-feed to siphon-feed for use with a variety of materials including Latex. Adjustable pattern controls the fan size for increased flexibility. Fluid delivery: pressure or siphon"

SprayTech GX-10 Gun

"GX-10 Gun. 3600 psi professional airless spray gun. Built in swivel. All metal tungsten carbide parts. Quick change in-handle paint filter prevents clogging"

These paint sprayers can be found at

Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:31 am
Name: deb | Comment: can you please send me the directions to the task force spray gun I did not get them in with the gun

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