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ORCON Tile Saw Cutter at Lowes

Wed May 18, 2011 8:54 am
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If you're looking for an ORCON Tile Saw Cutter, then Lowes might have something of interest. Lowes carries a wide selection of tile saws and tile cutters by QEP and ORCON. These tools are perfect to have on hand if you're working with tile - perhaps you're laying a tile floor or a creating a tile wall. You can find portable saws, wet tile saws as well as bridge saws among this selection. You can use these tools on ceramic tiles, marble thresholds, and porcelain tiles.

A tile saw cutter can be perfect if you're remodeling a bathroom by yourself or installing a tile backsplash or tile countertop. It's not difficult to use a tile saw cutter, and when you have the right tools everything goes so much more smoothly. Of course if you're only doing one project and you don't think it's going to take too much time, then it could definitely be worth it to rent one of these units: that way you don't have to worry about storing this unit and it's less hassle to deal with. However, if you're doing a large project, or several small projects and you don't want to be on such a time limit, then it can definitely make sense to purchase one of these tile saw cutters. It would be more economical in the long run, and that way you would always have access to a cutter without having to run out and rent it. Most of these units are really easy to use and would make the job of cutting and tiling a bathroom or kitchen a breeze. 

tile saw
Q.E.P. 4" Portable Wet Tile Saw

"For use on ceramic tile and marble thresholds. 1/4 HP motor. Includes 4" continuous rim blade, 45 degree angle bar and rip guide"

ORCON Bronco Electric Wet Saw

"3/4 HP. Cuts 17" straight or 12" diagonally
6" to 7" blade capacity. Includes 7" continuous rim diamond blade and polypropylene water tray

tile cutter
Q.E.P. 13" Tile Cutter

"For lighter weight tile. Full 12" cutting length. Equipped with long lasting 1/2" tungsten carbide cutting wheel. The homeowner choice for floor and wall projects"

QEP 24" Bridge Saw for Wet Cutting Tiles

"The motor trolley rides on 6 ball bearings providing a smooth, easy and accurate cut every time. The high volume water pump is able to drive 60 gallons per hour, providing optimum protection for diamond blades"

These tile saws and cutters can be found at

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