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Mirage Tile - Glass, Stone, Porcelain, Mosaic

Fri May 13, 2011 3:04 pm
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Mirage tile will give you great looks and durability. You can find a wide range of Mirage glass tile, stone tile, porcelain tile as well as mosaic tile which would be great if you're looking to install tile in your kitchen or bathroom. If you have been thinking of ways to improve the look of your bathroom or kitchen, then checking out these tiles would definitely be worth it. These stones and tiles are available in many different colors and shades, and some can be used on both indoor walls as well as floors. These Mirage tiles are very stylish and good looking, and would fit great in most homes.

The glass mosaic blends would be great if you want a splash of color on your walls, whereas the lava stone tiles would give a more uniform impression. Glass mosaic is definitely neat for a pretty modern styles since it adds a more edgy, color design The porcelain sand stone mosaic would be perfect if you want to create a very natural feel with texture and sand colors and the tile tear drop can really add an interesting, different effect. This would be ideal if you're looking to create a spa like look and feel in your space.

Changing the tiles in a room is a very effective way of changing up the space and it's not that expensive to do either. FastFloors is one store that sells a variety of different kinds of flooring products by top quality brands, so if you're in the market for some new tile, then they would certainly be a place to check out. 

Mirage Tile Glass Mosaic Blends 1 x 1

"Color/Item: Dreamland. Composition: Glass. Design: Mosaic. Edges: Square. Ends: Square. Application: Indoor only, Floors, Walls"

Mirage Tile Lava Stone Tile 18x18

"Color/Item: Lava Stone. Composition: Natural Stone. Design: Tile. Edges: Square. Ends: Square. Application: Indoor only"

Mirage Tile Porcelain Sand Stone Mosaics 6 x 5/8

"Color/Item: Desert Brown. Composition: Porcelain. Design: Mosaic. Edges: Square. Ends: Square. Application: Indoor only, Walls"

Mirage Tile Tear Drop 11 x 11

"Color/Item: Aqua. Composition: Glass. Design: Mosaic. Edges: Scalloped/Sculpted. Ends: Square. Application: Indoor only, Floors, Walls"

These tiles can be found at

Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:53 am
Name: Kathy Karl | Comment: I like the tear drop glass tile. However, I would like to apply to an outside fire pit that currently has stucco on the sides. Can this work?


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