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Millstead Processed Plywood from Home Depot

Sun May 15, 2011 8:58 am
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If you're looking for processed plywood for any home building project, then Home Depot is a great store to visit. Home Depot carries a wide selection of Millstead processed plywood in various shapes and forms. You can find particle boards, pre-cut panels, sheathing, hardboards and more in various sizes. These processed plywood pieces would be great for hobby projects, or if you're doing repairs.

These plywood boards feature high grading standards, precut sizes as well as compressed wood strands. Some of these plywood pieces might be better suited for interior use such as shelves for bookcases or drawers for dressers. Even though plywood doesn't quite have the same virtues as wood, it definitely is a lot cheaper to use so if you're on a budget, then it could definitely be a good idea to use plywood for the main part of your project. For instance, you could build your shelves, furniture, or whatever thing it is you're doing with plywood and then accentuate it with wood molding or trim to give it a nicer edge: and then you can paint the whole thing white or some other color of choice.

You can of course find plywood at most hardware stores as well as home improvement stores, however Home Depot feature good prices and a pretty wide assortment so it could definitely be worthwhile to check them out.

Millstead 1/2 In. x 2 Ft. x 4 Ft. MDF Pre-Cut Panel

"Millstead - A Home Depot Exclusive. Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. MDF is known for superior machining, dimensional stability and finishing characteristics. There is no grain direction, no growth rings, no porous end section and no obtrusive layered structure. This MDF can be used for a wide range of uses from framing of houses to basic interior structural applications."

Millstead 3/4 In. x 15 3/4 In. x 96 In. Particle Board Shelf Bullnose Edge

"Ready to finish particle board shelving. A good alternative to plain white shelving for closets and laundry rooms. Particle board. Shelving dimensions: ¾ In. x 15 ¾ In. x 96 In. Square edge. Easy installation. Standard size precut shelves make do it yourself projects easy. Can be painted or glued"

Millstead 7/16 In. x 4 Ft. x 8 Ft. OSB Sheathing

"Millstead - A Home Depot Exclusive. Every piece meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is an engineered wood structural panel made of compressed wood strands arranged in three perpendicular layers and bonded with phenolic resin."

Millstead 1/8 In. x 2 Ft. x 4 Ft. Standard Hardboard Pre-Cut Panel

"Hardboard is manufactured primarily from interfolded wood fibers consolidated under heat and pressure. Hardboard pre-cut panels are perfect for drawer bottoms, cabinet backs, interior signs and is recommended for interior use only. Pre-cut panels are perfect for Do-It-Yourself projects"

These plywood pieces can be found at

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